From the life of a trainee

As I study at pedagogical university, in the summer, I had the experience in the camps. I really did not want to go there, but I had to. And on July 8, I went to Trepovku. I in 1998 there otydhal, and I was familiar with this area. After 9 years I was in the same camp Gagarin. As soon as I came back, I immediately head loomed vosspominaniya. But today I am leader.
I've already imagined how I would keep an eye on the kids. I was given a second party. These children are 14 years old. With me were counselors Kate - a girl from another teacher's college. We met. She was 20 years old. She immediately liked me. She had long blond volossy. A slim body. We were told our commitment to the planning meeting. I came change. We met. Children were normal.
Together we organized concerts of amateur ... And when you're falling asleep at ten o'clock, we were going to the counselors at the fire in the forest and told scary stories. We had fun. Student Igor, who was a counselor of the 4th Detachment, was a master of horror stories. And in the evening, after putting little morons to sleep, we met four of the forest. I, Kate, Nadia and Igor - Igor workmate. Igor has got a story about a maniac pervert. We listened. Suddenly, the bushes moved. Katya was frightened and clung to me. I felt her warmth. Inside pleasant tremor passed. I wanted uzhassno Katya. But I zderzhal rush. Out of the bushes came a dog. We laughed. Igor continued his story. But Nadia said that she had a stomach ache. Igor took her to the clinic.
But Katya wanted to put out a fire, but Kate said she likes to look at the fire. We have sat by the fire. I picked up a guitar and began to sing a sad song. And then I saw that Kate was crying.
- What happened to you?
- This song reminded me of my childhood.
I became vyterat her tears and kissed her. She responded to my kiss. We lyagla on the bedspread. I started to pull her white T-shirt. I saw her breasts. They were large and stood upright. I kissed them. And the tongue held over her nipples. They swelled. I took off her shorts and thin red panties. I saw her shaved pubis. He was Gorny.
- Do you like? - Asked Kate
- Yes. He's great, - I said and went to his tongue.
She spread her legs to the side, and I lips touched her clitoris. She trembled, and I was even more zarobotat mouth. She began to pant with excitement. Then I took off my shirt. Kate started to kiss my nipples. It was nice. Even more!!! I knelt down. Katia took off my shorts and I saw my standing member, who was staring at her. She gently took it and I start to masturbate him. She was nice, too. I took a member and began to lead him on the cheek Katie. She understood what I want.
- I have never made a blowjob, but I could see in porn.
- Maybe you try?
She touched her tongue to the head. I sighed. She was not a virgin, but I thought that it was so. This excited me even more. Kate opened her mouth, and I put his penis deeper. She began to actively suck. I squeezed her juicy, plump boobs. After the blowjob I went, Kate sat down on the cock and jumped on it. Then we lyagla on its side. I lifted her leg and into her from the side. I quickened my pace. We both groaned heavily, forgetting that camp next to us. I was on the limit, but decided not immediately stop. We got up. Katya came to the pine tree and grabbed her hands, slightly bent and legs apart at shoulder width. I came up from behind and hugged her around the waist and forcefully entered member. A couple of bumps and I splashed her thighs sperm. She slowly dripped from the hips on a slender stalk. It was a gorgeous night!
everything was as usual a couple of days. But there was a one story. It was at a disco. All we danced. But I have noticed that not enough pairs devchenok. I started to look for them. they were not in the housing. I went into an empty club, which usually pokazyvli cinema. It was dark and it seemed empty. I was about to leave when he heard the words. " More Light yet". I quietly went to the door. It was dark. I heard moaning. I abruptly opened the door and turned on the light and saw this picture. Julia was sitting naked on a table, and Light sat on his haunches and licked her. The girls were frightened me.
- What it is? - I began
- Stanislav, how did you find us?
- I obbegat whole camp. And here you whore. What to do with you?
Julia Sveta dragged me into his office. They took off his pants and began to fondle my "gun". She got up and mgnvenno Light zaglatila it. And Julia licked World. I enjoyed the blowjob. They are sexy and obscene. But they will not get a blow job! I put them on their hands and knees and inserted in the queue. That one, then another. They groaned.
- Quiet! We can see - I went to them and said.
They lyagla on the table. I pulled up the leg of Julia and fucked them further. Light tselvala her breasts. I took out a member and began to lower them in the mouth. They both drained it.
- Now go to sleep. Tomorrow I will talk to you on the topic "For sex you are still small".
- Well, Stanislav.
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