The romantic tale

Sorry, but the concept "Soviet mafia" It seems to me a misunderstanding. Your Mafia - a newspaper sensation, tickling the nerves for the layman. Or the myth, which can be attributed to any trouble, something like "the evil spirit" our patriarchal Indians. For mafia in my country I listed a lot of sins, real and imaginary, but I'm sure that no one ever would have thought it blamed on the lack of meat in the shops. For such purposes, we use "the evil spirit".
I would argue that those who have not been here in Colombia, has no idea about what the mafia. If the city government still somehow maintain a semblance of legality, the deaf villages mafia has, at least, a strong draw. In such areas for boys and teenagers do not participate in the mafia - all the same for your children do not go to primary school. Maybe your mafia ever and will grow up to the Colombian, but has not let me take it seriously.
I started this conversation not to upset you. In general there is a sad Russian property for a long time to get stuck on the unpleasant sides of life. Someday, it will destroy you. To hell with it, with the Mafia, because there is the sun and love. But as the Russian sit on his mythical mafia and not slezut with her as long as will not bring themselves to severe depression. Maybe because you have so little sun ... But I'm going to tell the Colombian about the sun, love and blood.
I was born in the mountainous Colombian countryside and, like everyone else, in his youth he participated in a gang. There were about ten people, and the people, frankly, slumped rotten. Of course, the Christian saints in the gang, as a rule, are not recorded, but a kind of manly dignity is not so uncommon among the bandits. Our leader was also disgusting finely calculating how Russian prostitute, and cruel, like an Indian. People, he picked up a match. Only inexperience and ignorance kept me from being able to get away or slit his throat at night. Fortunately, I had enough courage to not be made "six"Because the whipping boys in such gangs accounted worse than anywhere else. This role we played boy named Pedro. As usual, the worst oppressor appeared who stood only polstupenki higher in the hierarchy. That bastard's name was Pablo.
I'm certainly not going to give you a report on our activities. To be honest, the statute of limitations for certain sins has not expired yet. Let me just say that our work was not anything romantic. We walked up to the point of exhaustion with heavy loads, and to relax for a day or two were detained in a small village.
Here we had what is called Russian "raspberry". The village is I still take it as an insult to the noble spirit of the sun in Latin America. What could be closer to the heart of the Latino than the Catholic faith with its lush rituals, fervent devotion and gifts of the Holy Virgin? But in this village, I do not know since when, and why, fog nestled Anglo-German Protestant slide-ways. The villagers were so istymi Puritans, which is now not to be found among the gringos. And speaking simply and bluntly, local women we were not given.
If you think that the bandits might and do not care about the religious beliefs of defenseless peasants, deeply mistaken. Bandits are too dependent on the goodwill of the local population to take the risk of offending him in the deepest feelings. This is not generosity, and self-preservation instinct. Another thing, of course, if you are away from "his" territory. Therefore, by the way, "their" Bandits often protect the population against "others".
In our "raspberry" there was only one woman for ten. However, for such a woman deserves to be told otherwise. I'll start with the exterior.
Wide hips, Spanish Succession, of course, not uncommon in our area. But magnificent breasts special round shape, which I have seen only in German women and Slav, we come across no more than Protestant communities. Add to this the smooth dark skin without any flaws, blond hair and Indian slit eyes, and you will realize that this woman could earn thousands in the best brothels in the country. Why is it stuck in the middle of nowhere with such scum as we? The dark history. It was said that she was the girlfriend of one of the barons, the mafia, and it was suspected of collaboration with the authorities. As if she ran, trying to postpone the execution of the inevitable verdict. We tried not to listen to the conversation, because it appear they were true, we would be obliged to execute the sentence. We did not want to lose Magda and were not afraid that she spy authorities, because espionage in the absence of any means of communication - a meaningless exercise. Kid, bribed by the authorities, would bring us more harm.
The style of her love, too, was unusual for our parts. We people loving and hot but very conservative with regard to the style and techniques. Of course, experienced putana obliged to deal in all sorts of clever features, but one thing - to know, and the other - to feed them a painful addiction. Such was Magda. She would be alone with only the leader, as a sign of special respect, and with the rest of collective orgy indulged, like some European drug addict to meet several men at the same time.
I personally disapproved treat this kind of flourishes. They - a symptom of impotence white culture. A strong and healthy spirit of man is not in need of this circus to assert itself, but our village boobies were crazy about Magda. The line that separates them from the animals during orgies erased completely. I only looked at it from a certain degree of detachment, although, of course, not posed as a Puritan. So I first noticed that Pedro that something is wrong.
The boy fell in love with Magda and steeper entered into a love tailspin. The situation was desperate for him. In his position, he could come to Magda only the latest in our hierarchy. While she was on all fours, and worked on several fronts at once, he had to creep under her breasts, fingering, caressing and nibbling it, howling with a cub. I do not know exactly to whom he has fallen in love: in Magda separately or in her chest. It was fun to watch as he tried to shove in my mouth both breasts simultaneously. At the same time he was overcome by such a storm of feelings that by the time his turn came up, he found himself completely insane and anything not capable. His fever, so do not get relief, and he chah eyes. Of course, it was necessary to leave Magda together for a week or two, and I offered to do it, but we were not allowed to scum. They said they do not intend to drag instead of Pedro and its cargo were formally correct. However, I think they have given up on their meanness. Other people's suffering brought them pleasure.
Particularly zealous Pablo. He made every effort to ensure that Magda could not do Pedro. She is an experienced woman, of course, I understood that representatives of her profession fever love to anything, and tried to relieve her. But Pablo always get involved at this moment between her and Pedro, Magda forced prodelyvat and that, and another, and the third, what lead up to the unfortunate Pedro convulsions. However, the efforts and Magda were not too active. Pedro was indifferent to her, besides, he was the safest of all of us. He was still a chance to take Magda at night when everyone is asleep, but some innate instinct of generosity he understood that true love should not be a hasty and cowardly. And he fell in love for real. Once I gave him turn to Magda, but he refused, although I have seen what he is worth it .... After all, love - this is not a bone, which can be cast as a dog for his mercy. Then I realized that this lad is something for which he can be respected, and we came together closer.
I told the woman we had only one. I was wrong, so to speak, in terms of anatomy. There was another woman named Anna, just not dare to call a woman is being stunted seventeen-year. Frankly, I have not seen uglier girls for a lifetime. The explicit and strong facial skin defect did it completely unattractive to men, even very drunk. Pablo boasted that made her a woman covering her face with a cloth, but do not repeat attacks. Anna washed, cooked and cleaned the house. It especially does not hurt, but simply did not notice as a person. I was kinder to her than the others, and one day she asked me a few questions, but usually no one spoke. Her questions were Pedro, and making allowances for rural ingenious diplomacy, it could be concluded that she was in love with him.
Pedro this, of course, did not see. "To die of unrequited love" - For the European worn cliches, but that's what happened before my eyes. Man swayed by the wind, and I sometimes had to carry part of his luggage. I was almost certain that he or die during transport or zateet senseless revolt that ended his murder. But it turned out differently, because it interfered with Anna.
One day, while during another orgy Pedro, as usual, led his convulsive game with breast Magda, Anna, without saying a word, quietly crept up to him, undid the belt of trousers and began to caress. It was obvious that object lessons are not lost Magda for her in vain. Pedro in his gloomy ecstasy did not notice it, and then the resist was ridiculous. For the first time in a long time, he finally dozed off, and discharge voltage. In the morning he rose at a slower-than-normal state of mind, and, contrary to custom, a little eaten.
This was repeated several times. Our boobies, of course, do not hesitate cackle. Anna blushed and bit her lips, but did not retreat. I saw that the whole thing does not make it fun, but it was to sacrifice for Pedro. One time I saw tears in her eyes. Flesh Pedro was with her, but the soul remains with Magda.
State Pedro bit improved, but output I still have not seen. Not sure how to deal gone further, if the course of events is not suddenly accelerated. During one of the trips of Pedro I found a police ambush and managed to warn the others. The leader rewarded him, losing his right to Magda.
So Pedro Magda went into the next room. I watched for a while. Anna was sitting in a corner, covering her eyes with her hands, and it seemed to pray. The rest were drinking whiskey, winked and waited for Magda freed. One of Pablo was restless, not knowing on whom to vent anger. All respect to him that bastard kept on the fact that someone was standing in the hierarchy is even lower than it is. And now he suddenly found the lowest and felt an urgent need to humiliate someone else. Finally, his eyes fell upon Anna. He ordered her to bring another glass, and then close up slap in the face for the sluggishness.
Meanwhile, Pablo was making love with Magda. What he felt at that moment? He expected something supernatural, much greater than what he had already experienced. But he experienced a tremendous hopeless longing of the spirit. He felt affection rendered loving, sensitive soul. We could be compared with this waste, but cool and almost indifferent movement of professional prostitutes? Pedro realized that this activity does not deserve the name "love"And love is waiting for him in the next room. Another in his position would not have figured it out so quickly, but Peter really had an extraordinary spirit. He was supposed to be a poet, not a gangster. Accursed poverty! You may ask how I know so well that Pedro feeling? He told me later when we became friends.
Meanwhile, Pablo finally lost his temper. He grabbed Anna by the hair, threw, tore her dress and slightly strangled. Nobody, of course, does not stand up for the girl. I felt sorry for her, but to intervene at this moment meant to put Pablo deadly insult. We would have to fight to the death. Most likely, I would have killed this slug, but by that time my position in the band has become dangerous. My dislike for independence. Kill me, Pablo, and long after that he would have lived. I would prefer not to intervene, waiting for Pablo to leave Anna alone when satisfied. But he was furious, and finally choked so badly that the poor girl's eyes began to get out of their sockets. At that moment I entered the room confused Pedro.
We like hot engulfed in a wave of rage when he saw that Pablo does Anna. He killed the villain so quickly that we did not have time to blink. No one suspected him of such a skill in handling the knife. For those who once hurt Pedro heart turned cold when they realized that there were then two steps from death. But I think that before Pedro could not fight well, because the knife Latino - a continuation of his spirit. Previously, Peter was coerced by the spirit and weak, but has now become a strong and fission. He healed, and became a man at the moment when he realized his love and took on the burden of it.
He closed Anna plaid, embraced and something whispered, wiping her tears. So they spent the whole night and in the morning announced that they would be married. They are in such a hurry that even agreed to the Protestant rite. However, for two loving hearts are not so important mediator to reach heaven.
Yes, they were married, and Pedro became a different person. A real man, not allowing to humiliate himself and knows how to love others. We became friends, and no one dared to touch the two of us.
I would like to say that they lived happily ever after, but it is not. However, I recently came to the conclusion that happiness, like the Buddhist Nirvana is not the time dimension. They were happy, and that's enough.
As for the time, then less than a year we were attacked by army troops. All were killed in a shootout; and Pedro, and Magda, and a pregnant Anna. I escaped one by accident. I took the opportunity to escape from the mafia and abruptly changed life. Now I am writing a thesis on the cycle "South" Borges. Have you heard about this? That's why I'm sitting here in front of you, under this low dull sky, and tells about the sun, love and blood.
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