The history of me. Chapter 2. Cottage

Dacha .. Summer, heat, half-naked children .. I Cottage in the village of Bykovo, Moscow region. Not far from the same airport and the city of Zhukovsky. Places where densely populated, especially in the summer, when the cloud arrives truckers with the children. Well, simply peer through the roof. We became friends one company: I, my sister, earrings, Oleska (which I at one time quite successfully for the 11-12 year-old boy flagged) and Julia. We initially sister hid their unusual games and activities together, but once all by itself turned out that our game was dragged Julia.
Julia was a year younger sister and, respectively, 2 years younger than me. Her parents were alcoholics, and almost did not watch the child. Summer time was terribly hot during the day something around 33 degrees in the shade. Of course we ran in shorts .. I mean I was running in shorts no panties, and sister-in dress sundress. Coward day she took off and hid somewhere, and when I went home - dressed. We played three of us in something like "daughters mothers"I was a dad, sister mother and daughter Julia. Sister bent: Julia and saw that it has no panties.
- Hey, why you no panties? - She asked, and I thought: "How is she able to see through the shorts?" And only then I realized that she was talking about sister. And that even in this day wore very short sundress instead of longer, which in this day went to the laundry .. new though and closed the ass just barely, when sister stood or walked quietly, but when she bent over, sit or run: all It becomes immediately clear.
I began to frantically search for an explanation - in fact the whole conspiracy might fly into the tar-Tarara, and found nothing to be desired (as it turned out, really the best), than to say:
- It's a game.
- What is a game? - Julia immediately became interested.
- Well, we're playing so sister, - I replied. - You see, I, too, without panties - I pulled the shorts to the knee and the front of the face Yulkinym brought my handsome man in the dress "stud and bead".
- Oh, what's this? - Immediately followed by a question.
- You see, this is a fashionable outfit for a special recording in our kingdom, - I showed her how to put on and removed it. - We play as if we are the subjects of this kingdom, in which it is necessary to submit to the will of the king or his son Prince.
- And what they order? - Said Julia. I've seen her all this is interesting, and it does not even laugh and does not show a finger on my dick as it would have done 90% of girls.
- They have many different laws, - I replied. - There's even your TV.
- It's like this? - Julia asked incredulously. I told her about our training gear and a fashion show. - But it's for boys and girls because you just have to wear skirts or go naked and not wearing panties and bras, and carefully shaved pubis. They have nothing to learn.
- But what about the fashion shows ?! - Immediately cried out almost simultaneously with sister Julia. - It's not just for girls!
- And it's true! - I somehow did not realize at once to draw sister "shooting", And she expressed the initiative, but then she also caught fire. - Because we do not have only now with a no fashionable things to wear only stud with a bead, but it is for boys. The fashion for girls, we have not played.
- I can find something at home, there is still no one. But I do not know what you need - it looked a bit upset, as if we can deny it in the introduction to the subjects of the kingdom.
- I also want to play with you, you take me? - Her voice was full of expectations and hope to play.
- King accepts everyone who agrees to comply with all its requirements.
- And what are the requirements? - She asked, puzzled.
- I have already said .. only wear dresses or go fully naked. Boys should always go naked and recordkeeping, sandwiched between the legs so that it does not pop up itself to the outside - by the time I had completely removed the shorts and with those words stuck dick between his legs. - Like this! Still can not wear panties and bras, and it is necessary to smoothly shaved pussy. Check the smoothness of recording the girls have boys, and boys - girls. And as in the language of the most sensitive skin, then you only need to check the language.
Here I do not know where in that moment I got the idea that it is necessary to check the smoothness of the tongue. Prior to this, each other we checked sister smooth fingers.
- Come on, I'll check it - I said - and you will become a full-fledged subjects of our kingdom. But first it is necessary to take off her panties.
- Come to me, I will hide them where my - my sister said. Julia took off her panties and she grabbed Yulkiny coward, fled deep into the garden.
- Lie down on the table and lift up her skirt, - I said to Julia. She lay down on the table in the back, smiling nervously and lifted her skirt, covering her face.
- Yes, I still hairs do not grow - it is obviously a little bit nervous. - Be sure to need to check?
- Of course. Come on, moved apart legs. All should be checked very carefully. King requires precise execution of their decrees - then, of course, I had no idea how to give a woman pleasure cunnilingus and anuslingom, I did not even know that they have there is the vagina, clitoris, large and small labia. And climb tongue inside me, too, did not want to. I just licked her lips, pubis and said: - Raise feet higher, it is necessary to check everything - and licked her tight, a little wrinkled anus hole and a crack between the buttocks. And when I lick myself anus, she jerked a bit, and he shrank even more.
- Everything is fine, it is necessary to check everything. Well, now run home and look for something for a fashion show. Take anything that might come in handy. And take not only for girls but also for boys. And another important rule: do not tell anyone about the Kingdom and our game.
She sat down on the table and said:
- Did I should not now check in your pussy?
- No, sister, I already checked.
- Well, then I will soon! - And I ran out of the garden.
- Only you will not leave! - She shouted she was from somewhere in the trees.
Julia came back 15 minutes later, all out of breath, in her hands was a whole bunch of knick-knacks. She brought a wide belt, five terminals, crocodiles from the curtains, two clips, rubber bands on four rollers and two large paper clips.
- Today, I first show my gear! - I did use their right older.
- Then I next, oh please! - Julia, apparently, could not wait to start the game.
- Well, you'll just wear me, and you learn to do it right.
- Okay, okay, let's begin!
- Then sit down to the table, I will be showing on the table, so you can see better.
Julia flew first to the table and plopped down on the bench.
- Yuille, you're wrong village .. you must first lift the dress ... then sit bare ass on the seat, and then later drop a dress and straighten it. And the legs can not reduce together, they must be separated. Look, look how little sister sits down, she is doing everything right. But do not worry, you too will learn with time.
Then I was 11 or 12 years, "Stories O." I, of course, did not see. The first time I looked at it in 14 years when it was shown on Channel RenTV, and has been in the natural shock .. I never thought that someone could still fantasize as well as I do.
Then we played back in "Prince and slave" I partition my naked slaves as slaves should always go naked. This statement was taken for granted, and I tied his slaves alternately on the table and looked at them differently, fingered and examined. Then the prince wanted to sleep, and my sister became a pillow, blanket and Julia. I still remember how excited experienced nuzzling was a divine fragrance between sexual sponges sister .. From them! ..
In the evening, we have agreed to is not to tell anyone about the game, and almost went home naked, I realized that we were not dressed, just as we came to the hole in the fence of our site.
However, the longer such a good game does not happen, because the neighbor's cottage in the garden where we were playing, the next day arrived gardeners, and a week later Julia moved to a new apartment in Zhukovsky.
After that, we started to walk the four of us: me, my sister, earrings and Oleska. About our game threesome with Julia, we told them not to, because it was still a little scary. All those things that at that time brought Julia stayed with me, and I have them always carried with him.
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