High school graduation

Prom, like all school-boys, passed with a great desire to drink, for that would have the courage to realize their erotic desires to bid farewell to one of its odnoklassnits.Moi desires were the same, but my teacher touched istorii.Ona She came to us when he came the last half of our school life. High slender brunette with a very posh breastfeed, the beauty of which she had always tried to emphasize his clothes. Which she wore, so that would have been seen as far as it is attractive. Due to the slightly translucent blouses could see her nipples rest on the bra, so that they can be clearly seen. In its severity, she reminded not only that the student graduated and teacher with 15 years of experience. So all barbs at her once all ischezli.Na prom, when he was already in a good mood desires to take possession of one of his classmates was completely absent, since almost all of them have been in my arms, and those that were not attracted to me or, nor anyone else. And Irina invited me to dance. Explaining this to the fact that he wanted to say goodbye to me. So we spent the whole evening together, something to tell each other. Already in the morning, when everyone began to disperse to their homes. She asked me to pick up some things from a class and help her carry them domoy.My climbed the dark stairs, barely illuminated by the sun in her office, he was at the end of a dark corridor on the third floor of the school. We went into the classroom, she opened her wardrobe took out some packages. I give them to me and asked me to look away as she needed to change clothes blouse. In the mirror, which was in our class, I saw how she took off her clothes and left in shorts-chaichkah and bras, oh how she was beautiful, in the lower abdomen at me all on fire at once, and my penis has become a feel closely in the pants. Wearing a skirt, she asked me to tie her blouse strap on the back. I did not know what to do in the mouth all dry, I was afraid to look at her, because I thought that if I see it with your own eyes, then immediately finished. But nothing happened. I walked over to her and began to tie straps just ate gently touching, held his fingers on her back, because I touch her back, my dick was getting bigger and bigger. So I realized that she feels it, but did not want to stop there, my hands are not free to have all the palm stroked her back, I realized that I do what I can not do that, but could not stop already. Not understanding what was happening, I felt it my ass pressed against my cock and leads it as if wants to sit at him, her head was lying on my shoulders, pressing her hot cheek against mine. I caressed her large breasts, feeling as the center of my palms gently massaging them, feeling her nipples are getting bigger and firmer. Gentle movement, I opened it to him. Her long flowing hair under the first rays of the sun, seemed to reflect the morning light. She is the goddess, I want it. I see her hands, neck, soft tanned skin. I press his whole body against her chest. What it is big and beautiful, I embrace it all completely, passionately. So you could feel how her heart pounding in her chest, her breasts feel me, my breath. Light tremors on her body is an allusion to the fact that she already want me to become her, in her. I want this, and she feels her tummy, and how it rests in him. Kisses in the neck with a pleasant and gentle caresses biting his tongue involuntarily gently upset us a bunch of some rags shkafa.Okazavshis fell out of her, I can not stop, a huge wave of emotions and excitement gentle scent wakes me irresistible animal instinct . I want her. Yes, yes, I want her. And I kissed her breasts, gently biting her nipples and grabbing them with their lips slightly wet with long kisses. Stroking gently, almost touching my strong fingers her hips hands, I feel like she already there all wet. How is it you want, how I want ya.I it feels like a stuffed animal force my penis without going as teasing, caressing her clitoris, gentle already wet with desire labia, from the great desire he became very big and hot. My fingers gently pressed her head to my lips, clinging to her body, I feel her tender nipples become hard and gently rest on my strong chest. My wet with desire cock rises higher and higher over her pubis, belly, and now he was between her breasts hot with desire. What it is big and desirable begins to move in it, as it it well. The tips of her nipples elastic from the desire she touches a wet head, as it is exciting. I'm going down down, and now it is already wrapped around my legs, but at the same time gently stroking. She has already begun to move in rhythm with me, feeling like he's big and already wet with uncontrollable desire, caressing her clitoris poured hot blood. Okruzhayuscheya silence us from these caresses and desires becomes besmyslenno, only her gentle, quiet postanyvanie of indescribable love our hot, clinging to each other bodies violates ee.- A-aah, m .. Vitalya.Nashi movements to the beat of her gentle postanyvaniya become faster. And, yes, I have it. Like everything goryach, wet. She feels me in itself with every cell of his body, as he wants to move there as if gently stroking her vagina wet stenochki. What is hot, that heat with great force already enveloped her entire body, abdomen, breasts, thighs, all over the face, fingers. Passionate caressing my lips, her breasts further reinforce the excitement and groans becoming broaching and charming, the walls of her vagina already grasping it in her, as if afraid to let go. He starts from a huge desire to move faster and faster, and all already out again before the end comes, her fingers on my back are compressed more and more, can not be stopped moaning and make them tishe.- .. And, ahhh, m- yes ... yes, yes, yes, that's it horosho.Mne think she understands me, she was moaning louder, the more I'm getting there. Strong hands held her perfectly shaped buttocks forcing them to move quickly and passionately as I do. He enters deeper and deeper ... How's it all mokrenkaya, hot there as well. My fingers gently touch her clitoris desired caressing him, he feels it and reacts by becoming more and hotter. From the pleasure which she begins to suffer from it, it has transformed into a bright audible stony.- Ahhh ... ah ... .m-da.O, Vitalichka.Akkuratno perevirshuvshis she turns on me. I abruptly felt a strong pleasure. I feel it there in it so deeply on her movements popochkoy think she kiss him there, he fully admits a (gently bobbing on me), it produces a slightly rising. At the same time she bent over my face breast. I gently kiss her nipples pressing her face against her grudi.Dvizheniya getting stronger and deeper each time my insight into the most distant stenochki her wet vagina, she squeezes it with great force, and the whole breast in a strong moan exhaled air. I feel like I can not help it. Her hands squeezed my shoulders. From the fact that my penis has become very great, I already felt like it there closely, but that I knew that what she is experiencing on knows me pleasure. And she is my vagina strongly clung to me, completely drowned my cock in her and moaned loudly. I felt like my penis is buried in a huge lava hot liquid. From this, I felt such a desire is not surmountable ... finish. With his own hands caused her pelvis to move. She began to shiver from it, then compress everything inside it to relax. My hands forced her to move it faster. And so, yes. What I expect from the very first seconds of my touch to it. And she felt it too. And powerless lay on mne.Proshlo for 12 years thereafter. As is usually the case, we are no longer met. In terms of bed. So sometimes I saw just how it is, where it goes. Then university in another city, work in another city, and time flew. And in one of his regular vacation home. I saw her, she was all the same not a bit changed. Same hair, breasts, legs, gently -chut slightly raised nose. We met vzglyadom.- Hi Acne. How did you become a man.
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