It happened a long time with me like that, I met a girl, her name was Oksana, small stature, a little plump, she was from Smolensk, She had beautiful dimples, and clear blue eyes, a little full of naivety, we have been rewritten on ICQ, and we decided that the time for me to come, I came to her, somewhere in 5 months, she worked as an administrator in the slot machines, I got it to work by opening the door to the club, I saw her, she was gorgeous , though plump, her breasts, size 4, it was impossible not to notice, they were just gorgeous to her when she saw me she threw herself on my neck and started kissing me, I could not resist grabbed her and led her into the back room.
There stood the old slot machines and a large table, I brought it back, and threw on the table, he looked around the cameras were not, I pounced on her like an animal, tearing off clothes, I wanted porobovat taste her sweet nipples are full of desire, and that I reached them, she whispered, Dima, take me .. I started passionately kissing her and took her nipple in his fingers, I began to bite him so tenderly, licking and sucking, she trembled, I continued to wield his lips, teasing the juice licking and blowing on it and biting so gently, the second, I finger rubbed preparing it to her mouth, a hand is my second, gently fell to the treasure to her pussy, I could feel her panties already wet it slightly parted lips, I put two fingers pussy. She twitched, I have continued to enter in her mouth, licking her nipple and biting it, my fingers touched her depth, so hot inside of each stroke, she squeezed the wall, my fingers were lying in wait, unable to stand, I got a hero spent on her tummy, she slipped out from under me, and put her lips to his, thrusting in his mouth, so skillfully, she put her head squeezing his lips pressing on the bridle, I cried, she whispered tishe..u us security, clenching his lips head, and dramatically captured my cock so deep that I rolled my eyes, her tongue traced inside my trunk while swallowing it as deeply as anyone ...
I could no longer tolerate, and her pussy is already flowing strongly, filling this komorku our odor juice, and pulled out his number from her lip, and abruptly parted her pussy, vvoshel into it, putting in cancer pose, she grabbed hold of the table, and I began to deeply enter, hand clutching her chest, she screamed, so loudly that it brings me into ecstasy, I pecked her, more and more seeing like a princess, her razdvigaetsya admitting it to himself, lips moist, grasping it, and clenching, I entered deep that my balls hit her with each stroke, and that's a heavy blow to her, she jerked, I felt a wave, and she caught an orgasm, I did not stop entered deeper and deeper, I felt like a completely fill it, his stake, a little slowed down, the jet so hot poured into it, she screamed, orgasm and helplessly fell on the table, putting my ass, but I do not want to deprive her innocence, leave it for later, slightly moving away from sex, we got dressed, I wore it myself, I love to wear girls start with their cute kolgotochek, it's so cool when you touch the legs, these pieces of tender material, clothing so gently when! and putting on their cap, for her breasts, touching her lips slightly buttoning it, on it, that it is completely dressed, we went in the evening to say goodbye
Evening came, she told me kicked off sms where he lives, buying dzhetelmensky set, I met her coming, I saw a very good design, apartments, it was a 2 - bedroom apartment, very interestingly furnished with one sofa, and a large TV, standing still table laid on him a bottle of wine and peaches, I smiled, gave her flowers, went, she was wearing a very sexy, white blouse, skinny, her mini skirt, slightly covering her ass, I immediately wound up, she clung to my lips in a strong kisses slid his hand into his pants, eagerly clasping, my hero, who was ready, she hand clutching head, swiping your finger on it, I lips licked her ear, force pressing it against the wall, slightly raised his leg, fingers began to penetrate to the pussy, umm she was without panties then waited for me, pussy was already hot and flowed down my Palchikov parted lips, I entered her, she purred in my ear a little prispuskaya my jeans releasing boyfriend out, I lifted her on their hands and sharply down, she grabbed me feet, waist, and I abruptly entered her, slipping so freely, even in thought, as in the morning, her slit was narrow, she recently fucked then as I went on smoothly, I have a member 22 sMS, and anyway, I had to enter a narrow, if she had not slept with whom.
I went into it go like clockwork, and then a sharp ring at the door, she whispered: Dima, it is necessary to know who it is, I let go of her, she odernuv skirt went to the door, there was whispering while I was in the kitchen, smoking a little comforting , myself, because she told me that she is free, she loves me, waiting, but who entered into it today, recently in my head spun, suddenly in the hallway, I heard loud cries of men, he cried "Ksyusha, open you are not alone, I know" quietly opened the door and she told him that something is explained, I will fly to karidor and saw a guy of years old it was about 22, chubby but healthy growth of 1.90 I 1.85 it is, big cheeks he observed a great ass I only had time to notice it
"Who are you?" - Asked I
" I'm a guy, Xu, we are two years together" - Surprise said he, as if he did not believe it.
I looked at Ksjushu asking: " Th for x, you said that alone, and that you love me?"
Dima, sorry, I broke up with him a week, such as, but not far behind, from me" - She said she just heard.
" Dima, I love you, but ..." - Silent, she
" what he????" - Shouted by zdosti I " today you fucked him ?, up ?, I do not lie, I realized this on your gap !!!"
The man then said: "Yes, we live together and we did not miss" and he ran at me. I hit him hard, he fell, a puppy throws at me, I thought to myself. Oksana, roared, ran up to him, saying, "Dima, go away, I love it ..."
I left ... The next day I was zol..bezumno, I loved her very much, but there was no sense to fight, taking a bath, I heard the doorbell (I lived in a hotel) came to the door, I heard her voice ..
" Dima, reveal to me .."
I opened...
To be continued
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