Erotic adventures of the boy Nicholas. Part 1

Every time after I finish in another woman, I remember events that occurred to me when I was a little more than 12 years ...
It was a warm May evening, when my parents and I was returning from the village, where we went almost weekly on the bus. In the village we helped on the farm of my granny. The yard has been restructuring - the rule of Gorbachev, food was not enough, and for his work in the fall, we have received the products: meat, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, sour cream and milk. From the bus station we got home a familiar route to the bus, laden with heavy bags. was ten stops to the house, was to go almost to the end. Gradually initially emptied the crowded bus. Before our stop was stop three, when I saw her, a beautiful young woman 20-22 years. I stood there, holding on to the railing, and she sat in the three meters away from me on the seat against stroke movement of the bus. She had short hair, parted in the middle evenly divided tresses into two halves. She had brown eyes and black hair, she was dressed in a short summer dress is blue with white shades. The dress ends in the middle of the thighs, and my eyes were presented tanned bare legs, which I sometimes looked askance. Sidelong, as a shy beauty. Her face had regular features, beautiful, she seemed a little something smiles, her gaze was directed into the cabin, but no one is not specifically looked. I decided that I should certainly know where he lives, this beautiful stranger, and I had a great desire to make the girl any gift. I'm with you in your pocket, it was five rubles, which my uncle gave me for what I spent two days helping him put the woodpile. In those years, for five rubles it could be five times a very hearty meal in the dining room.
And here is our stop, parents zasobiralis to the exit and called me. I came closer and haltingly began to invent something, about what I need to urgently go to my friend, a classmate, who lived through two stop and learn algebra homework, since I forgot to write it down, and since we have a strict teacher, and if the task is not done, it will put "deuce". Sighing sadly, my father hoisted my luggage over, and my parents came down from the bus. The bus drove on. Looking toward the stranger, I saw that she stares at me. I was as tall as a meter fifty, slender, as in sports, and even physical labor in the countryside. I first lowered his gaze, but gathered again looked at her. In her eyes I saw WELCOME, her radiant eyes glowed, showing me his friendly attitude. After passing two stops, she got up and went to the door, I looked at it from the back: a beautiful figure, I have not seen. I went after her.
She walked along the sidewalk, which is shared by the city park with large trees and the road. I followed her, keeping her from ten meters. It was slow even marching, if floating, without any wobble hips. I do not know, I have had enough courage to speak to her, if not for the ice-cream. I noticed how my stranger, looked toward the ice cream. I thought she wanted ice cream, but because I can treat her. Later, I realized that most likely she was interested himself Iceman. I quickly overtook her, and she stood on the road said:
- Excuse me, how hot today, is not it?
And before she could, anything to answer, he said:
- Let me buy you an ice cream!
And in a flash, running up to the ice-cream, ice-creams bought two: one lady and another currently. I handed her the ice cream, looking into her eyes. She was a little confused, but immediately smiled and took ice cream and took a bite.
- Oh, what a delicious! Thank you! What is your name?
- Kolya.
- My guy is also named Nicholas, - she said. - You're not in a hurry? Do you want to walk with me in the park?
I said, nodding furiously as his entire vocabulary I spent on it to talk to a stranger. And we went into the park, walking along the oaks, maples. The girl said that her name was Vic, her 20 years, a student, she loves nature and likes to walk in the quiet of the park, breathing fresh forest air. I listened carefully to it. She questioned me about me. I said that the study on "excellent", Engaged in hockey. She keeps me good-naturedly joked and laughed openly. Finally she asked:
- Do you want to show you where I live?
- Oh sure!
And we went to the exit. It turned out she lived near the park, in a private wooden house.
- This is where I live - Wick said. - You bought me ice cream, it's my turn to treat you. I have a very tasty cherry jam. Come on.
I went behind her, inside a wooden house.
- Come on, do not be shy, no one is home, the parents of the plant.
Noticing my surprised face (as well today as Sunday), Vic said:
- In our factory in shifts, even on the weekend work. I'll disguise myself, and we're popem tea with jam.
- Vic, and you can not yet change? - I asked the girl. As we walked through the park, she made me call her at "you" and named. - I love your dress!
- Like? Well, then I will not. Wash your hands in the sink, and sit down at the table, and I put the kettle on and fetch jam.
Jam was amazingly delicious. That's what I told her.
- True? - She was delighted. - I myself in the past year made it. I also actually like it. We women are very fond of sweets.
We continued to talk casually about everything. Suddenly she asked me:
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- Nope. In the classroom there are a few girls that I like, but the only one there. But I really liked you! - Suddenly emboldened, I confessed.
- I? - She asked playfully - and what?
- Everyone: figure, face, your manner of speaking, and most of all I liked your legs.
- Legs? - She asked again, and satisfied my words, began to shift his leg with the knee on the knee, suddenly, unexpectedly, he touched foot table and knocked over a jar of jam for themselves.
- Oh, Mom, I did! Help me remove the dress soon! - And she began to shoot it. - It is necessary to soak it hot!
She stayed in front of me only in her bra and tiny white panties.
- Help collect water from the tap, and then we have no bath.
I took a bowl of water and put it on a chair. She put the dress in a basin, and told me to sit down on the sofa and read a book, giving me some kind of a fairy tale, and she became soaked dress. But it was not until the fairy tales: the first time I have seen a woman so naked. Vick was back to me, bending, soaking clothes. I was all eyes looking at her. A few minutes later, she changed the water and came to me, saying that dostiraet later. And then she saw, as I looked at her.
- I'll do so like me?
- Yes!
- For sure otdrochil ... while I was engaged with the dress? - With a sneer she said.
- And what is otdrochil?
- Did not you know? - Vick was surprised. - You know what they do man with a woman, when they love each other?
I replied that I had heard from friends that there is some Bucan, but what it is I do not know.
- Yes you are, it appears, still very green! - She laughed.
- No I'm not green! - I frowned.
- Okay, okay, do not be offended - she said. - It can be easily verified. -Snimay Panties! - She ordered.
- What for?
- Come on, you learn! - Vick insisted.
I took off my pants.
- So, now - shirt!
So I stayed in his shorts.
- And now - panties!
I blushed.
- Do not be shy! You see, I'm almost naked! - She said, and almost with the force pulled off my panties.
She carefully looked around me. I looked at the direction of her gaze. Vick looked at my pipisku. I will also look at your pussy: I hung a three-centimeter sausage, a centimeter in diameter. Again, looking at her, I saw a slight disappointment in her eyes.
- Come on, take a dick in your hand!
I blushed again at her words, took pipisku hands.
- Exposing the head!
I do not understand:
- What is it like?
Unable to bear my stupidity, she took my segment and bared head with your fingers. But once again, the skin covering my head.
- Have you ever pulled over his pipisku?
- No.
Vick saw me anything I have no idea. Type I was so confused that she laughed.
- Want me to show you how she arranged?
And without waiting for my answer, he undid her bra. From bra-extracting breast, the size of each orange. So I then measured.
- This is a woman's breast, - she told me - all women love it when a man caresses her breasts. Touch!
I gingerly reached out a hand.
- Go ahead!
Touching breasts, I was surprised it elasticity.
- Stroked her!
And I timidly at first, then more and more active, showing interest, stroking, and then Vic told me to kiss her breasts. Then I felt something in my pussy twitched. I looked down. No, everything was in order.
- That's it, right! - Directed me she took me by the hand and vodiv them on her breasts, and then throughout the body.
- Can I kiss you? - I am more and more in love with my girlfriend.
- Of course, Kiss! - Said Vick and slightly bent.
Closing my eyes, I timidly touched his lips to her cheek.
- What are you so modest! - She chided. - Look into my eyes!
I saw a good, full, like a parent or elder sister, love the eye.
- I hug you now, and you at this time Inhale and hold your breath.
That's exactly what I did. And she hugged me and kissed me on the lips. That feeling that I have experienced is not described in words: it was an indescribable bliss.
- You know how there are children?
- To say the truth, no!
- Children are the result of the love between a man and a woman, when men pipiska injected into female pipiski. Of Male pipiski fluid flows from the testicles into the female and fertilizes the egg, from which the person grows. The process itself is very pleasant love and brings great pleasure to the man and woman. You saw earlier female pipisku? Men it is also called by a pussy. True to us women, this is not really like the name, we often call sometime affectionately, for example, pussy. Take off my panties.
I'm embarrassed.
- What do you robeesh, bolder!
And having collected will in a fist, I force two hands pulled the panties and tore them. Immediately, I was frightened, waiting for selective abuse, instead, I surprise, I heard:
- Wow, you do not want to waste time removing her panties. So a woman torn panties, when a man for a long time there was a woman. However, this is just your case! - She smiled.
Ending phrase I had not heard: I saw there.
- I shaved my pubic area, - she said. - In women as in men, there are growing hair. But here the man introduced his penis - with these words, Vick spread labia hands.
- You can touch it? - Swallowing saliva, I asked.
- Of course, touch!
I'm trembling hands touched the most sacred place of the woman.
- Here is the clitoris, a very sensitive spot in women. Men often caress his tongue, try it!
I gently licked.
- Come on, go on! Lick the top, bottom, sides, kiss the rest of my pussy!
Seeing this thing, and I eagerly pounced on her pussy mouth. Resting his hands on her hips, I greedily licked and kissed every centimeter of her pussy.
- Come prilyazhem on the couch - she suggested.
Seated, I continued the business. Suddenly I heard a groan. I was afraid to look in the face Vick.
- Ah, I feel good, go on, do not stop! - I heard.
How long it lasted, I do not remember. I could not enjoy the process, under the voluptuous moans Vicky. My head was covered hip Vicki, who continuously moved.
- A-ah, I'm coming! - Vic screamed and grabbed my head in his hands, with the force pressed it to her pussy.
I nearly choked. Suddenly she went limp, and I inhaled the aroma emanating from her pussy and licked her selection. Finally I stopped and looked at the Vic, she, too, was looking at me.
- So that you know how to satisfy a woman!
I'm surprised replied:
- I did not enter my pussy in your pussy, how could I bring you nice?
She laughed:
- You're still very young, your pussy is not yet ready to bring pleasure a woman. However, you can bring the pleasure and the other in several ways. Idea! - Cried Vick. - I will try to suck you!
- Suck? What do you want from me to suck? - I asked, wary. - I need all my my!
- Do not be afraid! This is just say so! Women bring great pleasure to the man, when taking a man's penis in his mouth and caress his tongue, lips and throat.
She sat down, carefully ... pipisku took into their own hands and kissed a few times and the segment has to offer, look: no reaction. Then she began to fondle pussy tongue. It was interesting, but nothing I could not understand what she wants to achieve. Again she stopped to rest, and said:
- I have to help you to cum!
And with a new force took the pussy in his mouth and holding pipisku fingers began sucking movements. Suddenly I felt some stirring inside his pipiski. Vick also seems to have noticed it, but did not stop. Soon I felt the power of his pipiski with little pain. I asked her to stop, but it continued its work. My whole mouth was pipiska Vicki. I began to feel that my pussy starts to increase. I cried out in fear. Wick for a moment released my cock from his mouth. Shocked, I saw that my pipiska increased to 9 centimeters long and 2 centimeters in diameter and was directed vertically upwards. I touched his pipiske and found it very hard as a rock.
- Do you like me? - Vic asked.
- Yes!
- Remember: if a man begins to like a woman, then he gets up pipiska becomes long and hard as bone. Let me finish the job! - She said, and continued.
Five minutes later, I felt a jolt at the term, then the other, in my heart pounding a furious pace. I'm all turned white, I do not know what it is. Seeing this, Vic pulled my busy segment, began to caress his tongue outside. Suddenly I felt a strong heartbeat and at the same time twitching in the penis. Boom Boom Boom - heard heartbeats.
- Ah-ah-ah! - I screamed with fear and immediately felt that from my little dick something splashed and fell on the nose Vick, then again weaker and my pipiska quickly reduced to its former size.
- I know that everything will turn out! - Vick said.
Then I noticed how hard she swallows air, wipes the sweat from his forehead.
- Do you know what happened: the first time you came, that is, from your pipiski drained liquid, with which you can make a baby! Were you pleased?
I replied that when my mouth caressed pipiska Vicki, it was nice, but when splashed liquid was somehow unclear.
- Just this is your first time in the next several times you will be more pleasant. Wait, it's almost 11 pm, you are far away you live? Before getting at home?
I called the address.
- Yes, it's close, 10 minutes for the run so far. Alright, goodbye! Nice to meet you, Nick!
Vick dressed, dressed me, kissed me on the lips, and held a little, showing me the way. The road, which ended in childhood and adult life began.
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