New sensations

With Natasha and Igor I met through a well-known dating server. Their ads" young couple looking for a man or woman to have fun" rather I was interested. I'm thirty years old, and for some time I began to catch myself thinking that the sex together I have not quite satisfied and not only a wife, girlfriend became offended by the lack of attention, and I wanted new experiences.
The announcement was the number "ICQ" and a couple of hours, we met on-line. What good is the communication, that the fact that the mind controlled situation completely removes inhibitions, and easy to speak, but rather about Knoop, as usually only think.
It turned out that it was the initiator of Igor filing ads and they already had the experience of a threesome. Igor loved his young wife cheated on him with him and without him. Special thrill he felt when she had told him the evening as this afternoon they fucked her friend, describing in detail postures, games and sensations. Igor is scared factory, and move into new sexual exploits. I was amazed, I imagined that my wife fuck in front of me and a strange man she passionately podmahivaet him, yes, the feeling of jealousy in half, strangely enough with excitement.
A couple of days of such communication, we agreed to meet, and the next night I was sitting in the car not far from the appointed place and waited. Stood last warm days of the summer. I smoked and imagined how it would be, I'll undress someone else's woman with her husband to caress her breasts, stroking parted legs, insert it in her mouth his dick, to fuck her in the ass, and I painfully stiffened each in tight jeans, trying to stand up and climb out.
To the monument came a couple, blond man below my height and redhead pretty girl is not brightly but tastefully dressed. I walked over to him.
- Hello, you Natasha and Igor?
- Oleg? Smiled girl.
- Yes it's me. I ask the coach.
I opened the front door Natalia, Igor sat behind.
I openly considered his neighbor. Girlish face, the small neat features, almost defiantly snub nose, full lips with a clear dim lipstick, laughing green eyes, red slightly curly hair falling loosely over her shoulders.
- Like me? She took out a cigarette and leaned to press the cigarette lighter, full breasts swayed elastic at the neckline blouse, bra she wore.
- Like, and very much so. I said, and caught in the rearview mirror of an approving glance Igor
We had agreed that we will go to them and find out the address I moved poured into the transport stream.
The automatic transmission is still a very useful invention, the right hand is almost free. I had the audacity and reached out his hand but had a smooth rounded thigh Natasha shifting the hem of the skirt of light exposing a couple of delicious legs and striped white lace panties.
- Do not get distracted, and then not finishing. Said Natalia skirt but did not correct.
- Here, to the right. Said Igor. He succumbed forward and embracing his wife from behind a pair of unbuttoned blouse buttons and began to fondle her breasts completely releasing it from under the clothes outside, pulling medium-sized cherry buds covered "goose" skin.
- Come on, Igor! She slapped his hands, but he did not bother to stop, winked at me.
- She likes when looking at her, it is wildly exciting.
- Nasty. Natalya sighed, her cheeks flushed she sat on the seat completely surrendering to the hands of Igor and lowered his right hand on a strip of panties quietly become scratched namanekyurennym fingernail underneath show through wet mound.
- Enough of the guys I'm too alive. I pleaded're almost there.
- This view is for you. He Said Igor removing his hands from her breasts, excited?
- We are taking the time I growled.
- Do not get mad. Natasha stroked my thigh slid to the fly ...
- Wow!
- It already hurts th, all arrived. I killed the engine and we went out of the car to the entrance.
Natasha went ahead and obviously feeling the lustful looks of the two male mannequins gait was wagging round appetizing protruding ass.
I knew that she is 22 and 26, Igor, and that children do not have, it was evident that the girl did not give birth.
High legs with a nice long, thin ankles protsokali on high heels on the stairs, she unlocked the door and we were in a small hallway a standard one-bedroom apartment.
- Come on. Igor friendly pushed me into the room.
Standard situation sofa a couple of chairs low coffee table computer on a desk by the window, on the wall a couple of erotic prints.
I sat down in a chair, Igor second Natasha flew off to the kitchen on the table there was a bottle of brandy, lemon.
- You're like, you drink. Igor poured brandy into the glasses. I had a drink, I poured brandy into his mouth, jammed ...
- Come for a second. Repeated, tension eased.
Natasha came in, pushing a serving table laden with saucers and plates of hors d'oeuvres.
- Can I sit with you. She asked and sat on my lap - I stroked her thighs climbing higher, up to a wet fork, second hand tugging at her nipples strained. She moaned softly, spread her legs wider and began to unbutton her blouse.
Her slender shoulders and narrow waist nice contrast to the rather large elastic breast good shape, I just like that sort of cup-shaped chest with small sharp little papillae. I got up from the chair and sank to her knees began to take off her skirt, she lifted her pelvis and left in the lace panties, very narrow and translucent.
I put her cancer, narrow back, the smooth curve of the hips, round ass, clean skin is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Grasp the two halves of the priests I parted them and saw a lovely spot of the anus and clean-shaven gladenkie puffy lips. I bent down and licked her crotch she started, wider spread her legs and lay chest on a pillow and then she took up her ass with both hands and thin fingers began to caress the anus and rubbing her tiny hole just a little bit pushing it inside.
- Lick my ass, and fuck, fuck me there, she moaned. -Trahni A bitch ass, break it, well, come on come on!
She even wider spread her hands buttocks, anal ring slightly darkened and slightly pulsating.
I'm not in a hurry, his tongue touched the wrinkled hole slightly pressed around the around, and began to rhythmically press on the hole, trying to extend it. Natasha's fingers wandered pussy lips moved apart and stroked, fingered clitoris - Oh-oo can no more ebite me ebite have both ebite in all holes!
Igor crawled under her, his dick was already standing, Natasha lay on his chest and glared with a kiss on the lips. She was standing over him with cancer, trying to sit on his dick risen. I grabbed her by the stomach and taking the other hand, Igor became a dick ... led his swollen head in her wet cunt preventing penetrate deeply. They both moaned and tried to connect more deeply, and I blissed out, gradually submerging their hands in someone else's fat cock smooth hot expiring juice vagina. I have long stood as the Iron Felix painfully swollen. As soon as I let go of them, they merged with the cry to the base member Igor Natasha disappeared and she began to jump on it will drive him into her over and over again to its full length.
- In the ass, and I want more in the ass, well Olezhek Ambush me oooo fuck me in the ass I want to, yes.
I was excited abusive words uttered by such lovely lips.
- Bitch, bitch promiscuous, stop do not twitch, now, now. I picked up his penis and put it in the hole under her shaved lips moved apart took Igorev dick pleasant sight thick dick sliding into tight wet shaved pussy.
- I pushed, the head pressed the ring into the anus - ahhh hurt.
- Relax, I slapped her on the buttocks
- Uh, she hissed through gritted teeth inhaling now ooohh. Sphincter slightly unclenched and head squeezed in hot, tight hole. Kaif, I have long wanted to have someone in the ass in a tight nerazebanuyu hole.
- Fuck that bitch, fuck her in the ass. Igor groaned, -one long wanted to give up the ass, fuck it.
- Now. I pushed harder and became a member of the half, the head I felt moving of thin-walled member Igor
- Aahh, I grabbed her buttocks and pulled drove a member until it stops.
- AAAA - ah-hh, she screamed Natasha wheezed-aah.
Dick sweet whining, caught at the bottom of a tight ring of the sphincter, deep inside of him rubbing his dick Igor.
Time! I abruptly pulled out a member of the priests, and dramatically drove back, ass kissed, opening and convulsively clasping the barrel member.
Two! I repeated the blow, then another and another, a hole is not time to bury my dick like a piston to squeeze into tight hot and narrow opening.
- Aaaaaaa, yes, yes it hurts so much about how good I ebite aaahhrr.
Natalia convulsed, ending over and over again. I then approached the climax, and stepped up the pace. She could not speak, but groaned and wheezed, back glistened with sweat
Below it tossed on top dick Igor he presses her to Igor I ..
- All now ooohh NAAA! Igor arched, until it stops pounding cock in pussy and jerking began to finish, even I felt like a member of the tremors ejected sperm inside the womb, Natasha.
I was left alone, they lay in each other's arms wet and relaxed.
- How are you? I asked Igor
- Now. I'm almost finished
- Oooh, oohh Natasha moaned as well. She turned, smiling lasciviously, plump lips moist calling. Her baby face expressed complete euphoria.
- Come Stop, stop me in the ass, aah!
- No, I finish you in the mouth bitch in your mouth lascivious sweetie!
- Yes! Come paste in my mouth fuck me in the mouth. she Promurlykakala.
I took the dick out of her ass, stroked the silken buttocks squeezed them, throbbing hole anus gradually decreasing. I got up and walked to the head of the bed, looming over lying on Igor Natasha sticking, crimson from the strain member. She lifted her head from the breast of her husband
- Well, come to me I want to suck.
Igor's head was between my legs, put his dick in his wife's face, she took me with one hand on the testicles, the other clasped behind back, and began to lick my trembling with excitement member just ebavshy her in the ass. He intermeddles dick slowly into her mouth stretching the lips and puffing throat. Her hand stroked my buttocks, and the other suddenly began to grope my anus, and a moment later I felt the language of Igor penetrating my ass. That was the last straw, I could not even surprised, orgasm shook me, twisting inside out. Member twitched, releasing sperm deep throat Natasha. She swallowed hard. Her hand gently squeezed my balls and tongue licking the crotch of Igor. I never finished so long, finally ran out of sweet convulsions.
- All I gasped - Well you give.
I took the dick out of Natasha's mouth, and lay down on the bed.
- Here is a thrill, unusual, but very nice.
I tried not to look at Igor, my ass guys never licked and now I felt a strange feeling, a mixture of shame and feelings of novelty expectations.
Picking up the cigarette on the floor, I lit a cigarette.
- A light to me. I asked Natasha.
I offered her a cigarette prikurennuyu, she took it away from me a little sticky from the semen lips and inhaled deeply. Drew smiled at me.
- And you my ass?
- Class! You're all cool and ass and mouth.
- And pussy in her class, Igor said, and reached for the cigarette smoke. - Narrow and sweet.
- Here's me. - Said Natasha smiling.
It really was now very good, good beauty contented cat, quiet and happy vyebanaya two males.
- Do you want to fuck Igor, squinting slyly she asked.
I surprise even smoke choked and coughed, dropping ashes on her stomach.
- Well, do not be frightened so she ran her hand over my stomach, flicking ashes -Just once, Igor told me that she wanted to be fucked, her hand stayed in the lower abdomen, she found the limp dick and began to pull it gently.
- He wants to feel like a woman that fuck man, wants to understand what is given to a woman feels.
- Is it confusing to you? - Said Igor, looking questioningly at me - I do not insist, but you can if you want to fuck me and I am ready.
- You fuck all our family and me and my husband. - Tomio cooed Natasha, leaning over me and my whole chest. Her breasts pressed against my stomach and the hand continued to stroke dick already is showing signs of life.
Igor Natasha stroked her back, I massaged her buttocks, surprisingly pleasant to the touch and soft elastic at the same time. The silence lengthened.
I introduced myself as I put Igor standing cancer in the ass his dick, and to his surprise and shame did not feel disgust, can cause is caressing his wife's lips slowly moving to the lower abdomen or suddenly arose a desire to fuck "the whole family". Yes, I clearly wanted it, I wanted to fuck Igor wanted to fuck him in the presence of his wife, he wanted to dominate male in the eyes of his girlfriend.
- Yes, I'll do it, I looked into the eyes of Igor. - I'll fuck you, I fuck you in your virgin ass.
- Yes, I'll give myself as a simple knot, and you zasunesh your dick in my ass.
Igor was breathing excitedly and watched as his wife sucks my the strained thick and long penis. I was proud of my dick, 24 centimeters long, slightly curved thick ... oh hardly got into Natasha's throat and she realized I sosalka not the last.
Natasha looked up from his work and looked at us with lust clouded eyes.
- Well, boys, let's, I'll help you, I have not seen how guys fuck a la naturel.
She stood up and gently knocking her husband across the bed began to kiss his chest and stomach, then turned him over on his back and spread her elastic covered with sparse hairs hemisphere of his buttocks revealing wrinkled dark hole surrounded by compressed dark hair springs.
Igor pulled his knees and stood up before that was his wife - cancer, with her legs spread wide. Natasha lay under him and took his dick in his mouth, then grabbed him by the hips and leaned to the anus. Igor groaned.
- Yes, yes, lick it, lick my ass, my pussy. Apparently he went into the role. Wife Lisa and tried to stick his tongue into the anus. I knelt behind Igor and took him by the hips, stroking the buttocks
- Do not worry it does not hurt.
Natasha looked up from his crotch and took my dick in his hand held it to her wet from saliva almost invisible back opening Igor.
- Come on, ambushes him, fuck it, fuck this bitch.
I squeezed the buttocks and Igor moved by a dick in front of Igor groaned as I pushed harder and head with Ruud entered his ass.
- You're a girl, you already than her, I said pushing member in the trembling of pain and excitement of Igor. Nataha watched in fascination as the pope in his husband disappeared a long and thick cock.
Hot and narrow, he shoved to the end and stopped, Natasha is sucked from the bottom of her husband then licked my balls then began to lick my crotch and gently introduce my finger back.
That I'm not worried about my dick stuck in the ass moaning and shivering man and his wife licking my ass and tried to fuck my finger and it's nice to beat.
I began to carefully remove and again to push dick in the ass of Igor, gradually increasing amplitude. Member hardly entered the way, Igor groaned and resisted pelvis back nasazhivayas deeper.
- Oh, yes, fuck me deeper, yeah I'm coming !!
I have the same feeling that quickly ran out and stopped moving, planted to the end and stopped.
Natasha sucked his dick and in a few moments he was screaming and writhing cumshot on her face and chest.
She got up and went out, and when she returned she was carrying a fair-sized artificial dick.
- Now I fuck you, she said to me smiling.
- And if I do not want to.
- You want, I feel you like my finger.
Her finger in my ass was indeed pleasant, but from a thick vibrator?
- Just gently.
- Oh yes I will be gentle with you, lie down on Igor, so it will be more convenient.
Igor lay down, and I fell on him, so my cock was tucked to the ground in his ass.
Natasha leaned over my ass and I felt her fingers pushing my buttocks and felt the touch of her tongue, and then into the anus boils down to something solid.
- I greased it, Natasha said, and lightly pressed. I relaxed sphincter and into my ass penetrated two centimeters slightly vibrating member. It was a strange feeling, a feeling of fullness and light nuisance.
I moved her hips back and up at the same time pulling out his penis from the backside and Igor nasazhivayas on the rear member.
Oh! Natasha hit and I became great and small vibrating.
- So, as you! I'll let you fuck she whispered excitedly - my good.
About frequently pushes the vibrator, and I began to furiously pumped quietly ohayuschego Igor.
Excitation grew, spreading from a pleasant itching filled rectum.
- Uuuf !! I drove a member until the end and he jerked ending. The sensation of orgasm with a vibrator in the ass were completely new, something convulsively reduced in the ass at the same time pushes ejected ass sperm Igor.
- All! I rolled over on his side, felt sticking out of my ass dick and slowly pulled it out.
Natasha was sitting on the edge of the bed legs spread almost all brush her right hand was thrust into pussy, the other she crumpling his chest.
- The boy is so excited, I want to again!
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