Small is an adventure

I was lying on the beach looking at the rest of the people, and Feodosiya is just famous for its krasotkamai and handsome.
I come here every year and the first half of summer srl have no idea what to do. It happened in this time has been engaged nefiganedelanem 3tyu week. Classroom instruction, among other things, but there is a limit. . . And just at that moment when I wanted to completely fall into dipressii in our company sat down pretty devchyonka such, it somehow immediately attracted all the attention. She was cute, but I somehow completely wrong reacted to it (it is necessary to clarify that I was quite confident that I naturalka and then...)
At first, I just silently devouring her eyes, and then, when my boys are already nachili bother me, I began to watch her corner of his eye. We had nothing like I buxom brunette is slim blonde, but the guys immediately said that we are very similar. . . Strange?
At that time, I met a cute boy Greg, but then kisses we did not go with him.
I silently watched her (which vooobsche to me it seems) and suddenly realized that if she's get up and go away, I will lose more than a lot. . . And she, when she heard, she arose looked right at me (not the edge of the eye) all waved his hand and went to her on a towel, and I was left with my mouth open watching her. When my going to leave, I said that a little lie down and after much hesitation, dragged his towel closer to her and we started talking.
It turned out her name is Tanya and she goes home tomorrow. All I could say:"Tomorrow. . . already. . . "To which she smiled sweetly and schaslivym view informed me that she was a lesbian and that her creepy infuriates me Greg. And as I continued to remain silent, it dumbfounded prodoldzhila: "I'm sorry that we met just today, I would like to meet more, talk. . . and I finally found her voice, and forced a:"I'm here today in "pinnacle" going (Grisha, but somehow at the moment not think about it) can accompany me?" At that we decided to do.
All day I wildly painted and peredivalas examining herself in the mirror, in the end in the evening, quite stupor, washed off all my makeup, wore short dresses, beautiful panties (and what I think?), And went barefoot. We agreed to meet near the park, I walked slowly to him (out of 20 min. Before) and nedoydya stopped quite a bit, it was just beautiful. Tanya stared at me in shock as (in a bathing suit I look, probably worse), we sat silent for a while (I was shaking again, and all the words disappeared somewhere) And then all of a sudden she gets up right in front of me (I was sitting on the bench) and says:
"Like me?"I gasped: "Yes!"
And then it began a. . . what I did and did not know how to think! (Fortunately it was dark in the park) there was not even Phanar only glimpses of "turrets".
She raised me from the bench, took my hand and polzhila it on his chest (bra she was wearing) and when I felt the fabric through her lgenkogo stamp, her erect nipples, my good girl somewhere carried away, and who was I do not know. I sat on a bench pulled her to him and kissed him on the stomach (I later learned that it was her erogenous zone). She was not in debt, and sat down facing me on my knees, slowly, looking me in the eyes, unbuttoned the clasp on the dress and held on to my breasts, at the beginning timidly, and then confidently, squeezing them in her hands, she grabbed my knees and without taking your hands from the chest began to kiss me on the lips moved to podborotka, then lower the dress slipped and she was pulling on my pants, but I did stop and did remain in sandals and shorts got up and went to lvnku (tiny fountain ), it is misunderstanding that happened came to me and put her hand on the back, I turned around and bit pressed her to the wall, pulled off her top and took a couple of drops of water splashed between her breasts and then my tongue went after them, her clothes on it too long delayed and my lips touched her silky light hairs. We went back to the bench and legs spread she tilted my head back, I timidly at first, and then hard-nosed held on the tongue and lips y Tanya moaned, it boosted my confidence and I continued to lick leaving no one unknown corner. She came and I with it (without even touching himself with his hands). Then we went to the beach and just chatted, but then Tanya and I offered to take a dip without hesitation agreed it was all innocent, we bryzgalisi and swam a race, until not swum to shore. I sat down on a stone, and it suddenly came out right next to my knee and rubbed his hands on podtyanuvshis nipple on it. To this I could not watch indifferently and pulled her to him. She turned on me and her hands went to explore my still wet body, they glided gently and demanding, and then confidently went between his legs, pushed them them and start tease me, almost touching, I was excited to such an extent that it has become already very resist to meet her hand, and she turned so that my lips were in front of her hills and I started to work again the language. When we had finished almost simultaneously and in a few minutes we moved to the beach for our handbags and clothing. I lay down on the sand booty to the top and looked at the sea, I suddenly felt something cold on yagoditsahi, turned sharply and see what Tanya something leans toward me and drives slowly on my ass, I tried to see but Tanya spread her legs and the tale to me, so I took it in hand and helped her, I poslushalas- it was a toy from a sex shop (like s called I do not know, an artificial penis, probably)
I sat on the sand, put her legs on my shoulders and helped her. . . So we came off up to 5 in the morning and I went home schaslivo, 3 hours later, we met again on the beach, but the meeting was somehow crumpled and incomprehensible, I shy guys it was unpleasant, she left not say goodbye and do not even say his name not to mention the address. But this meeting is so brief has changed my whole attitude to life, Grishka and I could not look after Tanya, and indeed once more to pull TEENS was. That's a tiny adventure.
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