Anal daughters education

Many women in their lives closely faced with a term such as anal sex. One - is madly in love, others feel this joy simply disgusting. They can be understood. After all, most partake of this kind of sex spontaneously, without any preparation. And if a partner penis larger, then discomfort is inevitable. As a result, the woman does not get any pleasure, and everything ends in the first time. However, you need to think about men. They WANT to love us in the ass. Not for nothing that they are trying to feel soft, plump buttocks of their wives, girls. And we refuse them in their desire to engage in anal sex. In vain! Everything is much more pleasant and romantic than it seems at first. I have a lot of experience in this matter and I want to share it with you.
For the first time I was faced with anal sex in 15 years. Happened is not a very pleasant story: I was raped by a man, which I, by the way, more so never seen. He robbed me of my virginity at the same time in both my private parts. Frankly, I was very sick at that moment felt in my ass considerable size penis. He raped me for about an hour, although it was ten minutes later, I did not resist and started to have fun. My anus a little accustomed to the foreign body in their possessions and began to make a supple new guest. To some extent I am grateful to this man for what he has given me to try it than in adulthood do not risk a lot of women. But that's not all. It so happened that I got pregnant after the incident and became a mother at the age of sixteen. I was born a wonderful daughter Xenia. Nature has generously endowed her physical beauty, however, like me. She is now 14 years old and I'm 30, and we had like two similar droplets. We are often mistaken for sisters. We do not have each other any secrets, secrets and try to find a common language with any questions, including intimate. At our house often men, because I'm a woman unmarried and of course they come so easy. I have sex with them, and very varied and lengthy. My daughter knows about it, and I take it in their stride. I never expel her from the house in such a watch, not lockable his bedroom. I know that she often watches the my sex scenes. I do not see anything wrong with that. Let her get to know it from me than it someone raped and hurt. Once we had talked about sex and my relationship to it. Xenia asked me at this key question. She asked why I very often during intercourse'm on my knees, and men love me back. Frankly, I have long been waiting for such a question, because they do not notice what I'm doing anal sex, it was impossible. I like this kind of incredible sex. I regularly practice it and want to share their impressions.
First of all I wanted to tell her about this girl. She's still a virgin. To lose it in his usual place, it could itself and without any particular problems and special training. It is quite another thing - her ass. She is charming - fluffy, elastic, just like me. I am simply obliged to prepare it for future trials, which will no doubt expect it as a butt for a long time unnoticed remains. Oh, I know for myself. At least two or three times a week I have anal sex and have orgasms at the same time. Men like to stick my ass on its members, and more impressive than the body, the more pleasure I get, the stronger the orgasm experience. My anus become hypersensitive for me a source of enjoyment. Often I even masturbate yourself in the ass. I brought the technique to perfection anal intercourse and proud of it. And now I want to share their secrets with his Ksyushenka. On a given question it, I just said, saying that men have me not only in the vagina, but also in the ass. My daughter was a little surprised at first, not knowing how to get something you can shove. Then I decided to move from theory to practice and to show real things, what and how. We went into the bedroom. There I told Xenia undress completely and lie sideways on the bed. My good girl and did. Then I asked her to bend your knees and pull your maximum to the stomach so that the buttocks bulged to the side and buttocks were divorced. Pose it turned out just delightful. Two elastic half opened the charming, virgin, little ass. How beautiful it is. I was suddenly overwhelmed by a wild desire to touch him, to introduce his finger into it, kiss it, to lick the tongue, as very often do it to me man. I sat down next to her daughter, took her hand and ran along the crotch, stopping at the coveted hole. Then I slipped a finger deep into her own. Ksenia shuddered for a moment, but then calmed down. Her anus was so narrow that it is difficult even took one finger. She did not know how to enter can be a big dick. Then I decided to prove it to her. I undressed myself, got on her knees and put her gorgeous ass right in front of her daughter. She was delighted and could now contemplate firsthand the fruit of my many years of sex scenes. My anus was many times greater than it. To assure her of this, I asked myself in the ass shove her finger. She made it. Her finger literally swallowed my gorge. There was no resistance. The difference was impressive. I sat down next to daughter and said that she will be the same, and that it will be able to receive unimaginable pleasure from anal sex. However, there is one "but"Our butts must always be very clean and fragrant. Otherwise, we men can and do fail. To do this before each anal intercourse to do flavored enema, and then lubricate the anus with a special cream. But that's what we do and close. I got a special solution, spread it in a few liters of water and made Ksenia two enemas, so her ass was crystal clear. The same thing I told to do and with my ass, because she wanted badly to get the day portion of the anal pleasure.
Well, that's our ass clean. You can start the fun. First, I decided to award a portion of the baby oral sex. By myself I know how it excites and relaxes the anus. With them, you need to start anal intercourse to his end to be on top of pleasure. So, I took a few pillows and put them in the middle of the bed. Ksenia lay on their tummy and unlucky sticking his ass sweetie, as if inviting her to take over. I did not hesitate. For the first time in my life I'll be licking the anus, although the feel like almost every day. This idea excited me and pushed for a new experiment. I climbed into bed with her daughter and settled on her ass. Oh, how she is charming. I could not resist and started to kiss her passionately literally. Then I gently parted the two halves Ksyushenoy elastic ass. My eyes appeared pristine, pink anus my baby. He was tense and tightly closed. I gently touched his tongue. The heat can be heard after the scent of lavender to do an enema. There is no longer any obstacles in front of me and a heavenly secret entrance to the inner sanctum of my young girl. It is worth it just to relax and cherished the gate in this unknown space slightly open. Finally the baby succumbed to the temptation. She made a reciprocal movement of his ass to meet my mouth and anus weakened. I felt it right away. My tongue was able to push a little deeper into the narrow hole. I started to make a circular motion around the anal holes, as if expanding it. Ksenia was like a similar idea. She replied to me more often with their counter-movements, as if suggesting to increase the pressure. I realized this and tried to cover the entire crotch caressing daughter. I heard she starts breathing quickened. So it is also good as ... and me in such moments. Quite instinctively her vagina beginning humidified Welcoming enjoy. Not noticing that my girl's hand snuck under the pillow to a small clitoris and began to twirl it. Perhaps it is approaching the first orgasm of my daughter's life. Sensing this, I stopped oral sex, licked his index finger and gently led him into Ksyushin anus. My girl had finished nervously zaterebiv her clitoris and uttering soft moans. During orgasm, I strongly moved his finger like a piston in her ass, in spite of the desire of the anus to push him off. Yes, I very nearly finished on the bed of the games. I pulled the finger out Ksyushenoy ass and threw herself on the bed. The daughter turned to me and rolled onto his back. Her face shone bright smile, her mind was filled with satisfaction. My baby was satisfied received caresses and softly uttered: "Thank You mom". I was very happy that she is positively perceived like bedding relations. Now we're going with it on a regular basis to deal with them. I had a real ally. But first you need to Xenia learned to bring pleasure to me. Then I will not meet with strange men in search of new anal sensations. We daughter will be able to do experiment with it much more diverse. But that was then, and at that moment I wanted only one thing - to fuck me in the ass. I told about this Xenia and ordered to perform my whim. First, I wanted her to lick my ass, as I made it to her a few minutes ago. I knelt on the edge of the bed, gracefully bent and put his ass. Xenia also knelt down, only this time on the floor. She wrapped her arms around my gorgeous ass and began licking his tongue. I groaned. My anus has relaxed as much as possible and let in a playful tongue daughter. It was this skilled worker and tried to get into my ass as deep as possible. I did not expect this from her nastyrstva. It is literally stuck to my anus, creating a vacuum in it and playing it tongue. What an incredible pleasure. I'm all flowed. As a daughter, I started to finger her clit and soon finished. But it was not enough. I called for the continuation of such caresses, and within twenty minutes just experienced three more voluptuous orgasm. And this is only the beginning. After a half-hour oral-anal attacks, I wanted to experience in her ass feeling of fullness. I told the daughter to take the cream, lubricate them my anus and my hand. Obedient girl sang all my requirements. Now I'm ready for penetration. Xenia beginning to enter into the anus of his fingers. First one, then two, three and so the whole arm entirely. She quickly found herself in the depths of my ass magic. It's unbelievable. I still had no hand in its entirety. And so it happened. My Ksenia penetrated deeper and deeper and I was in seventh heaven. Ass supple took a hand to my girls. I moaned, I was incredibly well. She massaged me inside like a real iskusstnitsa, making me moan loudly and wagging with pleasure his ass. I continued to run, as a street whore who raped simultaneously in virginity and in the ass. My hand found itself in the meantime in the vagina and met through a thin partition with a hand daughter generating unimaginable movement in my ass. I began to stop every five minutes and screaming with pleasure. I wanted more and more. It lasted about an hour. Our hands with dochurkinoy already numb from the strain, ass and vagina just burned from the strong friction. They have become so broad that they were willing to take a few huge penises simultaneously. I fell on the bed and closed her eyes. Was ecstasy that can only be obtained after anal intercourse. We sprawled on the bed with her daughter and looked at each other. In our eyes there were tears of joy from the proven satisfaction. We would love each other as experienced lesbians. And we will do it.
Not a minute of rest. A bit exhausted, I opened a secret closet, where he kept a variety of sexy stuff, mostly anal course. At first I got anal plugs. I had several of them, ranging from small gel, the size of a pen and ending with large insert with inflation using the blower. So, let's begin. I took the smallest instance, smeared it with cream and put it in the ass Xenia. For myself, I picked up a model more than four. I have been without the cream and gently submerge it in your ass. By inserting into their ass anal plug, we began to rage on the bed, thereby causing friction and involuntary contraction of the anus. We splashed each other, playing with her nipples, fingering clit, penetrated into the vagina and at the slightest opportunity to apply pressure on the anus. Within half an hour we decided to change the size. I took the cork and more difficult to put into ass daughter. It took five minutes. Ksyushin anus did not want to take a new toy. The little girl even cried out in pain, but then calmed down. Cork is located in the right place and now brings only pleasure its owner. For myself, I decided to use an inflatable plug. Xenia smeared it with cream and began to sink into my ass. Too easy. Six centimeters in diameter, it is not a joke. However, I'm used to. And it is there where it should be. Now Xenia start gently to fill it with air. I almost fainted. This content I have not experienced. I was moaning quite ashamed of it because I was insanely good, albeit heavily hurt. Similar experiments with Ksyushenoy ass we decided not to do. It is not yet in a position to accept such a toy. Another thing I do. I like this game. My butt itches, I want more in November. I ask her not to stop and to increase pressure. Xenia herself trying to please himself. It compresses and decompresses the buttocks, and then puts a few pillows crotch and begins to move, as the rider. I see that she wants to fuck her. Despite the fact that she was still a virgin, I'll do it. With bloated plug in the ass, I pull out a special panties with attached dildo and clitoral stimulator, I put them on, slightly sloping down his cap, the force pushing daughter on his back, Spreading her legs and thrust his dildo in her virginal womb. She screams, tries to escape from me. I do not react to it only increases the pace. The hymen broken, blood oozing from her vagina, it is narrow and tight, but I rape her as raping me in my 15 years. I like to do it. Fun and only fun over me. I turn moaning and crying Xenia on her stomach and thrust his dildo into her from behind. She screams again and tries to escape, but I did not shoot her. I enter a maximum intensity in her vagina and at the same time press on the anus. She screams, I enjoy it. With one hand I reach for to his locker and took out of there a long anal vibrator. I release from the anal plug and pushes this a playful toy, turn on full power and begin to scream from the pain itself. And I do not care enough. I take out another vibrator, the biggest dent and force it into your vagina. It is intolerable and unbearable pain well. Wild moans fill the room. A huge number of selections from our vaginas, traces of blood from the deprivation of virginity, and we'll go crazy. Indescribable ecstasy owns us and forces to maintain this momentum. Orgasm is replaced orgasm, causing the wall to shrink our vagina and anus in one clock cycle. This orgy lasted almost an eternity, and in spite of that it does not want to finish. Our torn hymen crave unimaginable torture. We change places. Xenia puts on magic panties, puts the power of a new big plug in her ass and lay down on his back. I turn to her ass and sit on dildo, he in me. Meanwhile, the daughter starts to tear my ass with a thick vibrator ... inserting it as an enormous piston in the engine is powerful and fast. We are at the limit. Another orgasm, and we fall with all of our devices on the bed next to each other. Then complete passing out:
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