The script for "Little Red Riding Hood"

Elise, Little Red Riding Hood - a girl 12 years old, slim blonde. A little naive, always scares, but wishing to appear bold. Equip it in the red hat, tight white T-shirt, white pants, brown vest, black skirt to mid-thigh, white stockings to the knee, shoes; Matilda Mother Red Cap - a woman, about 30 years old, brown-haired woman with long curly hair, good figure. I worry for her daughter, but too easily given to momentary pleasures. Equip it in a blue dressing gown, a white cap; Hans, Hunter, father of Little Red Riding Hood - a man of about 40 with a small, tall, well-built, somewhat dark. For a long time he looks at his daughter, as a woman, but, for various reasons, does not dare to approach it. He is dressed in a green hat with a feather, boots, a white shirt, wide dark green pants, a hunting belt, brown leather jacket with you has a gun; Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother - a woman, about 50 years old, still slender, and not devoid of a certain charm. Still trying to flirt, something like the Little Red Riding Hood mother. He likes compliments and flattery. Equip it into a large nightgown, a white cap, a lot of makeup and jewelry; Wolf - the actor about 25-30 years old, tall, good physique. Wolf is. Paddock to female prefers younger. Wearing a wolf mask (covers the entire face and even the entire head), wide "tough" belt is attached to the tail behind him.
Scene one:
Morning. Rustic room. On the bench sits Hunter in his shirt in front of him on his knees, facing the audience, is Matilda and makes her husband a blowjob. After a while, the door opened behind Matilda, there is Little Red Riding Hood. She smorit to what is happening with big eyes and open mouth in surprise. Matilda does not notice that the daughter came, but Hunter says, but pretends that nothing has happened.
Elisa: (surprised) Mom? Dad? What are you doing?
Matilda (turns around, her face surprised and embarrassed): My daughter? (Referring to her husband, a little annoyed) Hans? (Hans shrugs. Mathilde gets up, her robe swings open, there is nothing underneath it.
Matilda (embarrassed and confused): A-ah. Do not worry, my daughter, come, bring yourself in the morning in order. Go-Go.
Red Riding Hood is fascinated and looks at his father's term, which he all the time Eto'o little podrachivaet. Matilda suitable deploys daughter and pushes back.
Matilda: Go-Go, my daughter, I'll explain everything later.
Close the door. He turns to her husband. Matilda angry.
Matilda (angrily): Well! And how do you explain that?
Hans (pretending to be a fool, with a small share of mockery): What is it, honey?
Matilda: That's it!
Hans: What am I?
Matilda (fits closely to her husband): You think I did not see what eyes she looked at you?
Hans (hugging his wife's waist and stroked her pubis): What do you want? The girl first saw it.
Matilda (trying to remove themselves from the hands of her husband, but not very hard): Wow, that now it will be explained.
Hans (stroking the belly of his wife, gets up, kisses her on the lips): Why? She was big. Soon all will understand itself.
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