That's the way it was

In the second case, I conspired with a man 58 years old - he arrived at work in our organization on a business trip for two weeks from the Urals. I thought he was the best, and I invited him to visit with some hint that it will be possible to relax. We met on Saturday, about three hours. My wife liked it too. High graying man with a normal figure, smiling, discreet. Very intelligent and uninhibited. There was a day, but it is proposed to include electricity. We sat at the table, drank good. He said he could speculate on the arm and exerts on the veins of the body. Somehow quite naturally in connection with the above, he briefly considered the palm of his wife, she took off her blouse. Found twigs veins extending to the chest and naturally also undid her bra. He ran his fingers over the skin around the nipple several times. Wife kept with shy, turned away his head, closed his eyes, his whole appearance indicating that everything is against her wishes. But nature is taking its toll: she rose nipples, breast filled with little lips were red, and all of it somehow tensed. In this connection, I said approvingly aloud that all is going well. He perked up, kissed one of the veins on her neck and say something about destiny, moved to the nipple and simultaneously unzipped her skirt. I looked at it with interest. He must have noticed it and asked for help. I pulled off her skirt, stockings and belt. My wife showed complete submission. While I was doing this, he undressed. And I saw a large hanging member. Then he did almost everything himself. He put her on her back. She divorced her little feet, held the head of the bottom member of the pudendal lips up helping hand (the wife in this case for the first time convulsively jerk), lay down beside him and began to drive his fingers near the ears, neck, breasts, kissed her on the shoulder, sucked the nipple on her left breast and put in your wife's hand has "stirred" member. She squeezed his left hand, then grabbed the other and slowly crawled down. And the first time I saw and literally felt like my wife trembling lips wrapped around the head of another member. She made a motion of his head forward, and a third floor tensed his cock was in her mouth. Holding the left hand by the balls, and the right of the trunk, she began to suck. His cock grew in diameter and now her mouth was placed only his head. Then he put her on the edge of the bed, bent her torso to her, lifted her chin higher, he said, to breathe through the nose and began to shove dick in her mouth. For a moment she appeared gagging, but after a moment she began to breathe more smoothly and I am very surprised to see that all his cock is in her (she put her nose into his crotch and realized that he was in her throat). He slowly began to fuck her in the mouth, introducing the penis each time to its very foundations. My wife grabbed his buttocks, as it were, then releasing, then pushing his hips to his face. And then I, too, the first time I saw my wife with a kind of fury began to massage her clit and almost immediately finished strongly. So much so that his cock popped out of her mouth. She quickly caught his hands. But he laid her on her back across the bed, kissed her on the neck, in the ears down to the navel, lifted her legs, pushed the sponge fingers and inserted into the vagina head member. His wife cried out involuntarily.
I watched as his scrotum tightened, it became clear as the head pushes the shameful lips, like, leaving the vagina, she dragged her for a trickle of fluid, and they ran down her buttocks to the anus. And again, for the first time, I saw the entrance to her ass is wrinkled narrows, it opens up to the formation of holes to one - one and a half centimeters in diameter. Her ass like breathing in time with his thrusts slow. I also began to get up and I undressed, nenogo masturbating. At this time, he turned to me and asked whether it is possible to fall a little lower. At first I did not quite understand, but did not mind. Then the same thing he said to my wife. It is, in my opinion, was already very excited, very fidgeted under him and not thinking, what's going on, but realized what was happening and nodded. I was a little surprised, because to me she always denied this. This is further boosted my sexual feelings. He even raised above her feet, dragged the head to the entrance of her anus, at this time opened a little hole and he brought an end to the inside. My wife gasped and her face twisted into a grimace of some. He stood for a while, and felt that the woman beneath him calmed down, he continued to fuck. Her ring tightly covered his penis. I noticed that his wife was trying to podmahivat, though, it was not convenient to her (foot something battened down on his shoulders).
I really stood up. And he fuck her in the ass again went into the vagina. Eggs plopped his butt on my wife. Finally, she was able to pull his legs onto the bed and began to intensively podmahivat. (Actually, it was terribly interesting to see how she really forgotten with another man and is fully immersed in the process). Soon she was unusually loud scream something like "faster, oh, well" and finished strongly. He paused for a moment and then continued. Again she came, again and again. Flushed face was covered with tiny beads of sweat. Her head involuntarily twitched sharply from side to side. I walked around and looked at all the details. At first he did not pay attention to me, and then, not stopping their actions and asked to get around the bed on the other side - from the side of her head, I took my cock in hand and began to suck. Therefore my wife and I finished at the same time. From the corners of his mouth flowed a trickle of my sperm. He looked up from my penis, lips, stared into the mouth of my wife, accelerated the movement of the pelvis, then quickly jumped almost to her head and finished her mouth. His sperm was so much that she poured his wife out of her mouth on his chest and neck, and on the bed. Something spilled from his cock. She licked his cock and sucked the remains. She lifted her head, she did the same with mine. Previously, she had never done before.
Then, in this day and until late at night with breaks all repeated many times in different variations. I was basically a passive participant. And when we were all in God knows what condition, he asked permission to shove me in the ass. I did not want to. Then his wife protested, "you're not in my mind, and the good man refuses." He put my wife on some pillows on the back, placed my relatively flaccid cock between the folds of the vagina. I was standing in front of his wife on their feet while lying on it, and in this position he put me in the ass his club, and the thumb of his right hand - in the ass of my wife. Of course, he smeared my ass sperm and wife's juices, but still depriving me of innocence was very painful. (The woman underwent a procedure safely, even a couple of times podmahnula and I felt her body jerks his stomach). However, after a few minutes the pain subsided and I had a few minutes later he came to me. I came down with his wife and he brought the remaining power for the last time in the evening my wife, who once finished.
We met a few more times. I stood by his actions all the time, like the young. We fucked her at once: he behind me in the mouth and vice versa. Once he put me on his back, I sat my wife anus on my cock back to me, he pulled up her legs and fuck her. However, I clearly felt his head through the wall rubbing her ass on my cock, which led me into ecstasy. I tried and finish it out. When he came to us, everything was repeated, with the only difference being that he was, as it were was the second husband of my wife (or the first, and now you will not understand) and we are venturing in the kitchen and in the hallway in front of our large mirror, and then moved into bed. But this does not tell one story. He changed circumstances and it is not coming to Moscow.
Other partners I could not find, but the desire was. Yes, and his wife has now become considerably less attractive sexually. Although her big breasts and big ass is still interesting to me. I love her to put cancer sideways to the mirror and see how off my chest thrusts swing. And all the time in front of my eyes are images described above, keeping my erection at the right time. My wife never shared his memories of those hours and days: say not remember anything. Maybe he is telling the truth, but can - not. And I do not insist on anything. And so it was for two weeks and it is a pity that so little!
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