Beyond: Chapter 6

Sid was right when in the preparation of the route offering complete our journey is in Goa. This place has its own flavor, its regulars who live there all year round, your character, and it charges the nonchalance and power.
None of us, except the conductor, previously not been there. After check in the hotel we had opened their mouths with delight, lay on the beach, watching the setting sun. And after sunset, life just raged, beach parties opened everywhere. Yoga coexisted with capoeira, and they took turns phlegmatic Buddhists. The atmosphere was free and carefree.
We all breathed this air and relaxed ...
At night we all went to the disco. As time was the festival, one of many, and well-known DJs among the crowds made history. Maya relaxed, and allowed herself to dance with Sid, sometimes out of habit looking in my direction. I took her hand Dima, and when I came very close, shouted in his ear to hear:
- I thought you were right about the Maya. It wisely. Do not take on too much ...
- Of course - I hugged him on the shoulder, - I will try.
He smiled and we began to move to the beat. Near Alex circled Jeanne, zasmatrivayas ass dancing on his back on the girl in short shorts stylish little drew a perfect ass. Roma tried to hook up the owner of this ass. Lena spoke with bohemian guy with a shock of blond hair lush, and judging by the facial expressions, it was very fun. In general, all the "seize the moment" and enjoy.

I've been so much fun, happy (maybe some of them were "a substance", but still) faces swirled around me in a whirl.
That grabbed the picture, Sid still took the situation and the person of Maya in his hands and kissed her. She timidly said so in adolescence, and pulled away, embarrassed.
This is Jeanne, in what does not refusing, lips sucked Alex together with his chin, embracing him with one foot (according to the Kama Sutra, performing graceful "climbing a tree"), is already confusing others.
That handsome blonde took Lena's chin and kissed her on the cheek intelligently. Then, in the corner of the mouth. And then gently touched the lips ...

Love, albeit fleeting, was in the air. We drank and ate it. Not surprisingly, I suddenly noticed that Dima is not only a serious and nice, but there is in him something ... dark, hot, that I want to explore alone by candlelight.
Apparently, I looked at it too closely, he smiled and asked:
-What, Masha?
- Oh, look, everything like parrots, lovebirds, - I looked around your finger around, pointing at the embracing couple. - Probably, the locals sprayed pheromones over the beach, and then remove the bushes porn hidden camera.
He laughed, put his head on my shoulder:
-You're in his repertoire. Come on, go through, we will not disturb them disperse to their beds.
Barefoot roam the beach at night, sinking ankle-deep in the water a little cool tired legs ... Fantastic day buzz. We carry shoes in one hand, the other holding on to each other.
-How long have we known each other? -vdrug asked Dima.
- With ten years - I replied. - Do you remember when we're all together in the gymnasium doing martial arts, and Sasha (Dima's older brother - ed.). Tried at every opportunity to touch the Dasha of ass?
- And I on your birthday got into a fight with the boyfriend - he picked up. - And would have broken his hand, if you had not started screaming "Let me go, I did not just give lyublyu- write off!"
We laughed. And then on I felt a wave of nostalgia, for the simple times, and I sighed quietly:
- Yes, you will always protect me. Even when I could do it myself ...
He stopped. He looked at me calmly and expectantly.

As in the case with Maya and Sid, we see that under the nose.
I, for instance, only now, after a great time that has passed since we met, after a month and a half traveling in the same group, it became clear that, despite the large number of Dima's novels, he was always fascinated me passively. And I, thinking it beautiful, smart and reliable, I think his attitude to himself something self-evident. How wrong I was ...

I take a step forward and is very close to Dime. She put a hand on his shoulder:
- Look ... I did not drink today, I do not smoke or sniff. So my suggestion would be sober and balanced, as you like.
- Go on - he's a little, most fingertips, put his arm around her waist. Kind of like embrace, and like or not.
- Come and we in the room, - I whispered, and pulled him by the arm in the direction of the hotel.
In honor of the end of our journey, during which, due to the predominance of overnight stays in the open air, we have significantly saved in comparison with the initial budget, we decided that all deserve a separate room, except that the "sweet couple" Alex and Joan.
Shortage of free space was not, the question was whether I was doing the right thing, wanting to sleep with his most long-standing and loyal friend. But when we went up to me and closed the door, I realized that everything is in order. And in front of waiting for something very cool ...

Not only a man knows how to look for the girl, which is going to bed.
Discard immediately vulgar lust - "those on the street a lot."
Let's give a chance eagerness in his eyes - it is warmer.
However, the most luchshee- mixture of tenderness, calm and confident expectation of respect. So I saw Dima, and I liked it.

The door clicked. He took off his sandals and walked barefoot in the room. She was small and without much furniture. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me. Did not ask stupid questions, in order to defuse the situation, such as "may, telly look?" Just smiled and pointed to the seat next to soboy- go, they say, here.
I surpassed his expectations. Villages are not close, but immediately on his knees, and on horseback. She took over the close-cropped brown hair, a little tilt to his head, and kissed him. It was tasty, tender, and very hot. He was able to, and the experience he had many - how many remember the woman "fought" for him. That bites my lower lip, then penetrated tongue in her mouth, but just a little bit like playing. Hands put culture at the waist, and gave me a free hand.
At this point, I was lost in time, it seemed so to kiss for hours. He also did not force. Finally, I wanted him to undress and look closely at his gorgeous tanned body, which I have often seen on halts. The body really was excellent, no dice, but strong, and such delicate skin, like a girl. Taking advantage of this moment, he took off my shirt, and then deftly with one hand, and a bra, then giving her to him, that did not seem that he immediately began to stare at my chest. Then, so gently, his fingertips touched the nipple, and subtly squeezed. By passing this motion for some reason I was excited more than the explicit tiskanya. And they rose up for a few seconds, began to take off shorts with panties. Dima undid his belt, then I helped him pull the jeans to the knees slightly pushed in the chest, that he lay down, and climbed on top.
Do not hurry to sit down on his decent size, poured force body. Kissing slowly, he took his trunk and began to drive on the outside of the lips, rubbing the clitoris, is introducing a centimeter, then again taking and stroking. Dima put his hand on the waist, and kissed as neatly as if he had not wanted to turn over, spread her legs and inserted deeply, the way, for all the time I called it "just a friend." When you, my dear, patience is over, and you show me that the beast who fought in the gymnasium, sparing neither himself nor others, for the most slightest insult ...

Finally, when I was once again introduced into the head, he gently but firmly took her ass and forced down completely. And then said the first sentence for the time that we were in the room:
- For a long time I wanted to get here ...
I laughed:
- You know as this anecdote? We had at least buy a lottery ticket. Well, or at least to say. I would consider your application within fourteen working days ...

Yes, normal kartina- first two people have sex, at the first penetration, instead of fierce translational movements merge into a fit of laughter, which only then becomes the most progressive movements.

Dima liked everything. And mutual affection in position "69", and standing, and lying down, sitting and ... In addition to this first phrase, he only commented on what my amazing body and how he likes a particular angle of observation of my intimate places.

After a couple of hour gym for the second time he had been poured into my mouth, he kissed it, and instantly fell asleep. And I'm tossing, but under the influence of sudden Nakata new, unfamiliar feelings could not settle down to Dima. Deciding that still can not sleep, quickly went into the shower and thought go through the hotel, see, maybe see how others spend their time ...
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