Breakfast for three

As my cock penetrates her plump mouth, my fingers stroked her nipples :. More I could not stand, I was ready to do anything to get access to the body. And then one evening she calls on a mobile phone and invites to him. I came, not what is not hoping, she says parents left for three days and her type boring one. Has the parent's room, sat down on the bed skirt if accidentally ridden up, revealing her thigh! I lay down on her bed, she started kissing me! From the lips slowly I dropped to my neck, chest, abdomen. She reached the belt on my jeans and stood. Her fingers slowly undid the belt, buttons, she got up, pulled off my jeans, pants and knelt beside the bed! My cock was right in front of her face. She hesitantly held tabs on my trunk and began to lick the head, slowly sucking it with her lips. Oduro of such happiness, I grabbed her head and fully introduced his penis into her throat. She jerked, but I held her by the hair, and she had to obey. A few minutes later she released my cock and stood up. And I got up, pulled her to him, and in one motion tore her blouse, unzipped her skirt, and she slid to the floor! Unfastened her bra, I fell down to her chest and glared at the nipple, she cried out in pain, but I did not let go of her, licking her breasts, I pulled off her thong transparent, revealing a perfectly shaved pussy. Suddenly she pushed me on the bed,
Turned and fell on me, legs wide apart, was flowing virgin pussy my devushki.Ot before my eyes that my penis just strained to the limit, she put her hands on my feet, and began to kiss the head of my cock, then licked by the bridle up testicles and began to suck the right, then left, sometimes they found themselves completely in her mouth - it was something !! I at this time licking it, leading language of the clitoris to the anus, sometimes thrusting tongue in the vagina, sometimes sucking her soft pink lips, she starts to moan and squirm backward, the English I Buravlev her clit, and his left hand caress her breasts, pinching her swollen nipples. She moved to the head of the penis, which is then sucked, chewed it, then quickly began to stick your mouth on my dick, swallowing it completely, I was on the limit, but did not stop caressing her, and then she came. Licking her juice, I went! A minute later she came again, then again. More I could not stand, her lips still slid along the entire length of my penis, head of the penis was still in her mouth and hand it **** sludge barrel, oh dark, his hands dug into her hips in my eyes. I could not help but moan, I thought I would lose consciousness, my cock began to throb and the jet of sperm shot into her mouth. She licked all the drops and turned to me. I never got so much pleasure from the usual blow job. She lay down on my shoulder.
-Water - I croaked. Vic smiled and went to the kitchen. She brought a jug of water. I drank more than half, and handed her a pitcher, she also started to gulp water. She did not mind standing in front of me, a trickle of clear water glass on the chest to the abdomen. She bent down, put the pitcher on the nightstand and looked expectantly at me, I threw her on the bed and began to passionately kiss her breasts, caressing her swollen fingers klitorok. Well, I could not tolerate more !!! I bent down, picked up his jeans, pulled out of Corman condom tore the package and pulled the elastic on my ***. Opened it, she obediently got cancer and opened me the way. I put a his penis to her pussy. Gently gently began to insert it inside. My cock rested against the partition, I stopped, she clutched his nails into sheets. Dramatically, in one motion, I stabbed her, she screamed and arched his back. Then gradually speeding up the pace, I began to fuck her. The narrow hole is gradually becoming more accepting of my cock :. Soon she began to help me, she sit down on my cock. Her body began to tremble, our moans grew louder, and we were both flooded with pleasure. Vika collapsed on the bed and curled into a ball. I took off the condom, covered her with a blanket and put his arm around her body.
-Are you hurt? - I asked.
-Not a drop - she whispered and fell asleep. It was 6 am.

When we woke up it was already evening. We went together to the shower, ate and went back to bed.
-You did well yesterday - asked Vic.
-Of course, yesterday was what I dream for a month, and that night I dreamed.
-Then, maybe, you fulfill my dream?
-All what you want!
Vick looked down and outlined the essence of the request. Her dream was to sex with two men!
-A bit strange request for the girl, which yesterday lost her virginity - I was surprised.
-Well, you can not otkazat- me, she said, and clung to my lips. And I could not. I called Sergei, outlined the essence of the problem and in minutes dvadat he arrived. While we were drinking whiskey with him, Wick went into the shower when she returned, she was beautiful: Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, skin glistening, almost smelled silk robe, stuck to the damp skin. She passed us, turned off the bright light and lay down on the bed. The long wait did not have us. We undressed and went to her. Serge sat down between her legs and throwing her legs over his shoulders, he began to greedily lick her vagina. Be excited by this picture, I put his penis in her mouth, she began smacking suck. We finished at the same time we had. As the Seregina place. She knelt down, putting the ass in front of me, and buttocks pulled her earrings to her, his cock plunged into her mouth, she sucked him, stroking his hands and sometimes eggs **** ivaya arm member. Meanwhile, I put his *** in her vagina and lubricate it, rather rudely entered the virginity nny anus. She jerked, but Serge pulled her back to his penis and forced to suck. I fucked her in the ass, and earrings in your mouth. So, moving way, one by one we finished. Freeing Vick from our members, we have turned it. And gently began to kiss her breasts, slowly down to the tummy, entered Therefore one finger into her pussy. She was burning and oozing. Vick is widely spread her legs.
-I think she wants more - Serge smiled. I lay back, Vick went down on my cock and bent. My friend plunged his penis into the narrow hole of my girls. We again began to move three. Serge held her breasts, and she sometimes masturbated her clitoris. I felt through the thin partition, the second term, it is even more intensified feelings. Serge accelerated motion, and thrust his *** for the most eggs in her ass, cumshot. After a second start to finish Wick, she was not moaning, and screaming with pleasure, she puts her mouth with his hand and I began to finish, roughly spitted it on your machine. Vick fell exhausted on the bed. Cum arising from her two holes, mix on the sheet. We looked at her. She was so good. Ottrahanaya two guys with a satisfied smile on her face, she went to sleep, we lay down next to her, hugging her, each for his part.
When we woke up with Sergey it was not. We lay there a little, remembering a fun night. From whiskey headache. We got up and pulled the whiskey.
-Boys, breakfast is ready - there was Vika's voice from the kitchen. We went, one by one kiss Vick. She beamed.
-Here, breakfast for three, in gratitude for the unforgettable oschuscheniya- she said, and smiled.
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