All this is slowly scrolled in my aching head, as soon as I woke up from the barely audible, and it is unclear what caused rustle. I was in the same position as, apparently, crashed yesterday on the bed face down in the right trousers. Without raising his head, he opened his eyes puffy from booze - next supine sleeping Lucy. A rustle came from somewhere on the floor. And now, over the body of my friend began to rise slowly shaggy head Lev - offending our room quiet.
I knew Lev Now wants to freshen the nip, but I had no desire to get up so early to indulge his whims. So I closed my eyes and snorted lightly. My friend stood up carefully, went to the kitchen. They could hear the refrigerator door is opened, a bottle tinkled the glass - we probably wisely left yesterday something on Sunday morning, so as not to run immediately to the nearest kiosk.
There was a smack opened beer cork, then a long gurgling, and finally a deep breath quench human thirst. Then steps padded to the bathroom, where after a while came the murmur tight jet noise and then drained from the tank water.
Lev returned to the room and lay down on his bed and yawned several times. Apparently, hops has not yet managed to overcome it again envelop the consciousness and the veil of sleep. A few minutes from the kitchen came the sound of a kiss, barely audible giggling, some whisper, then a barely audible laugh again - kissing sounds, and soon after that typical inimitable sounds of lovemaking with heavy breathing, and from time to time to break out of the clamped kiss mouth muffles sighs of pleasure.
I knew irrepressible passion and willingness Borka Ninki at any time to respond to him in return. Awakened Levkoy, they decided not to waste time and make love "in a strange loft." I imagined how they caress each other, and always with a hangover heightened arousal immediately poured the blood of my boyfriend, ready to rush into battle. If not for Lev, I would immediately shook his girlfriend that in the morning it was very difficult to wake up, and immediately took to it the same as what our friends on an inflatable mattress in the kitchen. But Lev was literally feet from our couch and me, sleeping against the wall to be seen, he is turning away from us or a person in our party. So I did not even venture to reach out to pat his chest Lyusin even if only through the fabric of my shirt, which she usually wore over his naked body when I stayed overnight.
And then again on the floor could be heard stirring. Again I opened my eyes and saw through smezhennye eyelids shaggy head Lev. He was kneeling in front of the sofa and looked at us. I pretended to snore again, thinking he was going to begin to pester me with an offer to join him for a drink a drink. At this time began to be heard from the kitchen absolutely frank sighs amorous couple, has forgotten about everything, except for my own pleasure. And then I saw through smezhennye eyelids as Lev reached out and stroked her breasts Lucy. My cock immediately responded to this by nalilsya stronger and rested in bed.
Lev gently stroked one breast to my girl, then another. Lucy slept like the dead. I knew that its main feature, because sometimes could not Obtain and begin to have sex with her sleeping. She woke up just fifteen minutes later, when I was about to finish normally. In this case, it began to stretch, without opening his eyes, hugged me, and continued to listen to my actions. And just when I was ready is about to explode sperm charge, she grabs my legs and starts to move the bottom of the abdomen, quickly reaching orgasm.
While I was reminded of all this, Lev has buttons unbuttoned shirt, exposing his chest and the girl bent down kissed him near the nipple. Lucy slept, without giving signs of life. Obviously, Lev took her immobility is not a dream, and for agreeing to the continuation of caresses. He unbuttoned the remaining buttons, took the floor to the side, exposing the naked body of my girlfriend, exposing a thick triangle, taut breasts second size. Levko while considering these charms in front of him Okay girls, and again fell a light kiss to her right breast. Right hand as he stroked a second, then made some movements in the stomach and put his hand down, putting it between the legs slightly apart Lucy.
It is in all that time did not even move. But the kitchen again heard the sighs of pleasure stimulants. It seemed to me that those sounds, and from what is happening in front of me my dick is so hardened that stony resting on the couch, now will raise my butt. But I courageously continued to lie, watching through half-open eyelids for Levkoy and trying to guess how far he can go in their molesting to my girlfriend.
Lev, meanwhile, continued to gently kiss Lucy chest, his right hand stroking her between her legs, and left me in its movements it was easy to guess the cause of plucking at his invasion of foreign territory.
I thought that Lucy began to wake up. At least, she took a deep breath, opened her legs a little wider and turned her head toward the abuser. This resulted in her movements, and again it sounded amazing even breathing.
I glanced down and palm movements Lev realized that at least one if not two of his fingers are already in the cave of my girlfriend. Palm then stayed on for some time, making careful circular motions, then began to translational motion vozvraschatelnye. I have seen at times strained stomach Lucy as excitedly heaving her breasts and did not believe that she continues to sleep dead sleep.
I would have had to do now kind that woke up and stop this outrage. But I have done so, I would have had to be permanently quarrel with Levkoy, with whom we are friends literally from kindergarten, where there were in the same group, then ten years of sitting at the same desk and now went to the same university group. I would have to part with Lucy because she allowed my friend to fondle himself, pretending to be asleep, but I had become attached to the way that probably would not be able to survive an unexpected break. I decided to pretend to be asleep, even if my friend is now really will fuck my girlfriend. And then I began to remember that she recently explicitly provided Levke attentions. So, it is definitely not asleep, I decided, and pretend to be in front of me a neat and accurate. Like, do not blame me that he fucked me sleeping.
Although Lev already being wielded his fingers in the crotch of Lucy, she lay motionless, and only from time to straining abdominal muscles time said that the flesh stir and even against the will of the mistress responds to petting. On waking spoke and brought down breath girl, but maybe she was just thrilled with pleasure, as so often during my morning harassment, wanting to prolong if you do not sleep, then at least the sweet languor relaxing state of the body and the unwillingness of the brain to come back from the world of dreams to reality.
But Lev climbed without removing his right hand from the crotch Lucy left pulled his baggy pants, took up the protruding member, and began to drive them on the breasts of my girl, without any delay, approaching her lips. I could not see whether Lucy opened her lips to meet the impatient member seems Lev just drove head on his lips. But it did not last long, soon before I heard the sound, which are only active at oral sex. Only Lev did not last long - that I saw him, and without removing his right hand from the crotch girls left struggling Fingering his dart, spraying cum on face and chest Lucy. Forcing the last drop, with obvious relief Lev drew his hand from the warm cavern overgrown with thick hair and my friend took a step toward his bed. About two minutes later came from the floor of his unfeigned snoring.
A minute later Lucy turned her head in my direction, I barely had time to close his eyes, pretending to be asleep again. It seems that for some time she looked narrowly to me and listened to my breathing has calmed down, before believed that I serenely dryhnu. After a while I felt rather than heard as she rubs the body cools sperm, then hands dropped down and across the trembling of the sofa I realized that I did not get satisfaction Lucy start to please ourselves fingers. Then he heard the faint sound and then remove the fingers from the vagina, and now in full sofa began to transmit vibration, shaking with finely furiously masturbating girl. Another moment, and a deep, long sigh detainee notified of the occurrence of orgasm.
Usually Luce enough once, so I decided that now she will turn to me, hug, utknetsya my nose in the shoulder, and we will continue Levkoy interrupted sleep. But this time, she was excited more than usual and wanted to get behind the first second orgasm. I timidly opened his eyes and saw the dance in the abdomen fingers of her left hand, fingering the clitoris, and the fingers of the right submerged deep within alien vagina fevered hand. And almost immediately the girl gushed second even more powerful orgasm.
I decided to pretend to be asleep longer be unfair to himself and his affection for the baby was weary. I turned to one side, as if in a dream friend put his hand on his chest and immediately run into sticky residues Levkina sperm has not dried between the elastic protuberance. Lucy paused for a moment, without removing the fingers from the crotch.
I am for the time of our acquaintance was not able to persuade her once to caress themselves with me, to give me pleasure to observe the process of self-satisfaction. But now, whether she was too excited, or thought I was still dreaming, listening to my even breathing, she went gently stroking the clitoris. Again, I moved as if in a dream, moved closer and stared at the girl's side their petrified appendage. She lay there quietly a little, and then with his left hand reached for my love of the instrument and began to drive over it with his hand, his right hand continued to caress between your legs. I pretended to wake up, patted her friend thrown over her arm. Lucy turned to face me and leaned to kiss my lips. More I did not want to hold back. I pulled off his pants with shorts, threw his left leg girl on hand and helped insert eagerly quivering cock in her bosom inflamed.
And when I felt that the girl will soon reach a climax, he began to drive his hand over her breasts and stomach, and kept bumping into the sticky remains of Lev eruptions.
-What have you got it? - I innocently asked in a whisper.
Yes, something sticky like sperm.
-And this is me Levchik watered while you sleep peacefully - honestly answered my friend.
-Like this? - I asked.
-And while I slept, too, he masturbated me.
-How do you know that?
-And I woke up in time.
-Well, at least he has not raped you?
-Are you jealous? - My mischievous giggle. - What would you say if he slept with me?
-I have made you repeat it, when I woke up - I said, and immediately felt a strong stream of my semen burst out. Feel it inside, for the first time in my Lucy became very quickly rubbing the clitoris and in a moment of pleasure, too, reached the top. Now, we could go to the kitchen to put the kettle on.
-And went naked - suddenly all of a sudden I said.
-What do you mean, there is Boris and Nina.
-Perhaps they, too, will be interesting.
I rolled over Lucy, jumped to his feet and pulled her by the arm.
-Hush you, - she whispered. - Levchik wake. - Not letting go of the palm of my hand, but not resisting, and went after me in the kitchen. Our friends were on an inflatable mattress naked and something whispered. Seeing us, Nina jerked was something covered, but seeing that we go to him naked, calmed down and looked at us.
-You see, people do not lose time in vain - she pushed Borka elbow. - Vaughn Lyuska all from head to toe with sperm smeared, but I at least have a modicum. Well done, Stasik!
-It's not me - I began to make excuses. - This is her Levchik smeared.
-You are engaged in group sex there? - With undisguised admiration in his voice he asked Nina. - Why are we not invited? Brazen? I may also want to:
-Why-oh-oh? - I raised with Boris pillows.
-Well, at least to see: - immediately corrected Nina. - It is interesting because, like other sex involved.
-I wonder - agreed Borja.
-Okay, - I interrupted them. - Get up to drink coffee.
-And I can even lie down, soak up? - I asked Nina and stretched seductively.
Lucy walked forward and sat down on a stool, and I poured a kettle of water, pressed the switch button.

-Or maybe you want a hangover? - I pulled on the door of the refrigerator and began to examine his guts. There, in addition Levchik unfinished bottle of beer was almost full liter bottle of vodka, on the plates were diced pickles and sausage. I put it all on the table and turned to Luce:
-Honey, get, please, glasses and cups.
Lucy rose from the stool and reached for the top shelf, which yesterday they cleared the table, put the washed dishes. Pulling piles, she arched her sexy that I could not resist and stroked her elastic ass.
-You have moved a little to the side, and then close the whole picture - muttered Boris, in all of its swollen from drinking eyes looking at a naked girl standing.
-Oh, Lyusya, you see, he woke up on you - laughed Nina, and without hesitation took up the force pours Bori member.
-And I have a hangover always want sex, - confessed Boris.
-So what are used is not wanted? - Asked Nina.
-I slept because. And now he began to wake up.
-Well, stand up for the medication, - I said, pouring cold vodka in the stack.
-I am happy, - said Boris, rose from the bed and sat down across from me.
-And me and there is no place - capriciously handed Nina. - Can I have a glass of bed lodge?
I took her pile, slice of cucumber and filed in outstretched hands.
-Well, let's healthy! - I said, swoop overturned the contents into his mouth and listened to his liking. In just a few seconds in my sick mind a sense of incredible lightness, and swam before his eyes mist. I leaned back blissfully into the refrigerator door is opened.
-Honey, you should at least bit - Lucy advised.
-Darling, only if your kiss - I responded.
-I do not mind - willingly responded Lyuska and reached out to me, getting up from the stool. We kissed.
-No, I want to really. - Lucy stood nearby, leaning towards me, sucked his mouth open and his tongue began to look for mine. We kissed a couple of minutes, until Nina is not applauded:
-Very beautiful! But whether it is possible for even a glass of health.
Lucy sat on the seat, I took Nina its stack, filled, and gave the girl poured standing on the table. We clinked glasses and drank in silence. I immediately felt very zapyanel. It seems hop hit in the head and the rest of the feast. Boris sat for a while with a stack in his hand, then put it on the table:
-It's my turn to kiss: You do not mind? - He turned in my direction.
I reply only silence gesture. Borja pulled his stool close to Lyuska, embraced the girl's shoulder and pressed a long kiss. During his left hand he put on his chest, then began to stroke it gently, then strongly to compress, then barely touch her fingers rapidly swelling nipple.
-No, you see what a smart aleck! - I heard a voice from the floor Nina. - Although, I tell you, the picture is quite exciting.
From these words, I discovered it was covered with heavy-lidded eyes, staring eyes on the kissing couple, but dizzy, and I was not to fall off the stool, he moved to postelennuyu mattress on the floor and lay down on his back next to Nina. I have for some time lay with her eyes closed until the dizziness passed, then looked up at the ceiling. Kitchen Furnishings no longer went to the side, the ceiling did not fall off somewhere to the side. Now I can focus the mind on sitting opposite Lyuska and Boria. They were still kissing, but now my friend's hand stroked his chest did not, and the interior of the spaced legs of my friend, confidently moving along the thighs to her swollen lips excited recording. And now the lead fingers along the wet vagina, with each movement penetrating deeper inside. Another moment, and two fingers sink into the warm depth, which is less than an hour ago Levchik climbed, and then I bored my soldier. From this picture of my baby I woke up and started to raise his head. And when Lyuska sweet moaned, he arched his body to meet exciting fingers twitched and in a fit of orgasm, my soldier stood rooted to the spot.
I squinted his eyes to the side and saw that Nina slowly stroking his crotch with his left hand exactly in exactly the same way as it did this morning Lyuska. Fingers girl slid up and down along the genital lips, and then suddenly became very quickly rubbing the clitoris, and when Lyuska suddenly almost immediately after the first received a second orgasm, Nina too tensed, then exhaled and relaxed drawl.
-Kiss me, please, - she said in a barely audible voice, and turned to me. - I think I'm going crazy, but I like sex. I'm so excited! There are no words.
Do not give me anything to say in response, she clung to my lips a passionate kiss, and I felt after a while, she got a second orgasm.
-Kiss me, please, in the pussy - Nina whispered, and began to move my head down.
I looked at the seated opposite Lyuska and Boria. They indulge in caresses all in the same position, but my girlfriend is now a member of the insurgent stroked my friend. I quickly went down and pressed his lips to the open bud. As soon as I kissed her swollen labia and began to touch the tip of the tongue clitoris, Nina squeezed legs were parted, pressing in my head so that I was unable to even move. When she stopped shaking all over and again stretched their slender legs, I have one motion threw his body lay on top, pressed his lips to kiss the girl, and she his fingers helped my child to find the right road. I got into Nina to its foundation and became violently batter into the hot bosom of a foreign friend. From this my wild gallop girl quickly got a new strong orgasm, stretched out her legs:
-I can not do it anymore. I need to relax: At least a little bit:
What the hell rest when I'm just burning with desire! I was forced to lie down and was about to start to masturbate, but Nina herself took my hard cock in her palm and began to drive the entire length of its trunk. I'm under the table looked up for our almost forgotten a couple. Now Boris stood before Lyuska full height, body arched forward, one hand she held on to his cock, which rhythmically sucking up to the base and a second hand caressed her pussy, sticking two fingers inwards.
-Come to us - as I said in a voice choked excitement that even he did not recognize him. But the couple dismantled. Boris reluctantly took out a member from the mouth of my girlfriend, she took a few steps in our direction, I knelt down, grabbed my erect a source of pleasure and began covering him with kisses. For this morning it was the third member of the Lyuska taken.
I moaned with pleasure softly and closed his eyes. The roar made me open them. It turns out that Borya, pushing aside a table, dropped his stool. Rearranging the table to the closet, my friend got up on his knees, immediately put back under Lyuska protruding ass his instrument of love. It was felt that it was for my girlfriend's much nicer experienced fingers of the two lovers, and even today's skilled own. Lyuska immediately pushes his back and began to howl loudly engaged sweet pacifier mouth.
Not immediately noticed I was standing in the doorway Levchik. He looked sleepy eyes opened in front of him a picture of the exciting, colorful threw his baggy pants and lay down on the prone body of Nina. After another moment, she was too sweet moaned enjoy.
Opohmelku was a success! I think it would be superfluous to say that this is not over, our orgy. We enjoyed ourselves and pleasure to our girls all weekend, taking breaks to gather new strength so go to the grocery store.
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