Live something once

Mihai's wife Catherine, slim beautiful woman is 38 years old. Michael and Kate have been married for 18 years, have two children, a daughter and a son. Elder Aurelike, at the time of writing this story was 15 years old and the son of Kostadin -12.
Mihai, having worked in Russia for several years, has accumulated some money and moved to the suburbs for his family. Children went to school, and Kate began to lead a simple enough household. But money was never enough, had nothing to put the kids to buy their fruit, sweets, ice cream: Alas, the bulk of earnings Mihai went to pay for a rented apartment.
One day, one of his countrymen, whether in jest, whether seriously Mihai offered to send his wife to work on the highway.
"Shoulder" prostitute:
He thought and thought (money, according to the stories, prostitutes earned very good!) And even offered his wife to go to work. Prostitute.
And I got the forehead. Stout women's fist.
She did not want to hear about prostitution!
Do you think it? Think Mihai retreated? Ha.
You do not know Moldovan men! They are very persistent! They are very stubborn!
And yet - they are very cunning:
In general, a week later she agreed. For the children! Just for the sake of children, remember that bastard !!!
Dressed up in the best dress, she pulled pantyhose beautiful, clean linen. And gone.
I went to a prostitute. Permanently.
I came back a week later. Tired, exhausted: With five hundred dollars in his pocket:
Such money Mihai earned the hard work in the past month! And here:
In general, the working profession for Katya was approved by the council in a quiet family marital little bed: It turns out stories Katie about how and who in these days have (or "fucking") for Mihai was a great aphrodisiac!
And in general - I loved it! And the husband and wife.
Became Katya working as a prostitute.
And I work for three years. Earning in the other months, up to three to five thousand dollars. Not bad, right? And then!
He worked himself and worked, toured the vast country in the cabs of trucks.
In general, this work she even liked:
Not yet turned up a good case to get to the sauna:
For the same working field. Only now - I am waiting for her quiet, uneventful driver cabins and roadside motels job.
Sauna was in Moscow. Katya went every day, or rather every night, for work. "The Office" - she said, leaving the children.
Visitors to the sauna chose it quite often, almost every day.
Katya's revenues have gone up!
Family well-being of immigrants from a small border town of Ungheni growing!
They filmed (buy, alas, is not able to!) A decent apartment, furnished with good furniture. They had a farm and in a TV and fridge, and a video recorder and a video camera was even! And parents, in Moldova the money sent regularly! Life is getting better!
Four years later, it is again profitable to change jobs, and began to serve have visitors VIP - sauna, greedy, not only on the young, stupid and slim girls but also in mature, experienced women "in the body" (Katya fatty She: slightly! plump "pleasant fullness" as they say)
The total length of service of work whore Katya approached to ten years:
She formed a circle of regular customers, some of them were very, very wealthy.
One of them, an ethnic Azerbaijani, came in two cars, with security:
He always chose only Kate! But all that had her, it must be said, not wishing, as they can not spare the men only women sales and affordable!
I drove it in the sauna quite often two or three times a month:
And Katya bought during the whole night, paying for it a thousand dollars, of which exactly half of getting any of this sultry married Moldavian:
He fucked Katya passionately and relentlessly, which, incidentally, contrary to expectations, the reader likely, very much like Kate:
After they lay together in bed and told the man habitually purchased whore himself, his business, complain about life, to chill, to homesickness:
Katya, too familiar, sucking his limp dick, again causing it virility:
And once the eastern man said in this situation:
- I want a man! You and a man! That you were standing next to cancer! And I'll have to fuck!
In the queue! You and a man! Do you have a man here?
-How much do you pay for a man? - I asked, looking up from vospryanuvshego member Katja.
-Twice than you. - Was the answer
Two thousand dollars!
The fate of the asses, Mihai was solved at the same moment! (The fact that her husband is bi-rounder, Kate knew, or rather was unpleasantly surprised in a very even neprikrasny evening, in the first year of marriage, but now it's not about the past but about the present)
Night family council was ever fleeting.
Arguments and facts were few.
"I have a family to earn money for the client, you can, why can not you?"
"He'll pay two thousand a night, a thousand of them - yours, or rather, our"
In general, soon in the sauna has a new sex worker.
And began the difficult working life.
They really catered to that Azerbaijani bisexual together.
Mihai, so many years in the former sex versatile than secretly terribly proud of, and could not think about the active role of men. His fate was - in endless Oral client and prolonged standing in knee -loktevoy pose ( "cancer"), feeling like Azerbaijan drill hammer it into the rectum: It turns out that Azerbaijani was a great expert in the humiliation of men:
And he did it so skillfully that after some time, Mihai has missed his strong hands, a ringing slap on the ass and cheeks and even he liked sex with this man: He wanted it! He missed it! He was humiliated and trampled:
But family income has increased significantly!
But my story is not about increasing the welfare of a single Moldovan family.
Sometimes this is the client, become generous in the morning picked up the rich Moldovan Pinocchio to the house in which they rented an apartment.
So it was that day.
Michael and Kate out of the "Mercedes" Azerbaijanis, and then ran out of the door, hurrying to school Aurelika and Kostadin. Seeing their parents, they ran up to him and began to happily welcome, simultaneously begging for pocket money ...
Out of the car for girls and boys burning eyes, silently watched the Azerbaijani ...
On the same day in the evening he called Mihai and Kate to a meeting in a nice restaurant.
And after drinking fine French wine and fine snacks, outlined the essence of its request to the close-knit family.
He wanted Aureliku.
Parents angrily, almost in unison shouted "No!" (Protection of sitting at the next table and absorb mineral water, on guard!)
Azerbaijani, he nodded reassuringly bodyguards, smiled, patted Mihai's hand and said:
-I knew that we agree!
He paused and added:
- 50 thousand. Euro. For your little girl.
Mihai looked at his wife:
Catherine speechless: then hoarsely he forced a:
-Money up front!
Azerbaijanian thought for a moment and nodded.
The transaction took place.
its terms were simple and clear.
Parents write a receipt for the money. The entire amount it transfers to them in advance.
The action takes place in the same sauna in a separate room.
Parents are present in adjacent break room. You never know what may come to mind this macho:
Persuade Aureliku took Catherine.
And in general, she succeeded.
About vested interest in the case of deprivation of another's uncle her innocence, Aurelike, of course, are not reported.
Events accelerate.
It takes a few days and then, one evening:
"Mercedes" drove up to the house, where they live, Mihai, Katya and Aurelika.
They go out of the door and sit in the car:
Sauna. Elegant table. Wine, cheese and fruits. Cognac. Champagne. Cola - for girls:
Security somewhere nearby, but it is not seen or heard.
Aurelika decked little princess with a huge bow in a specially made hair ($ 250, by the way!), In white pantyhose - simply is charming!
Uncle Azerbaijani lot of joking with her, behaves politely restrained. Hands do not dissolve, with kisses to the girl climbs. Parents nothing to complain about:
There comes a crucial moment.
The plump envelope from a host of hands takes Catherine.
Vulgar recalculates bills.
All accurately. Fifty thousand euros.
Mother nods her daughter.
Azerbaijanian rises, reaches out Aurelike, that rises:
And it is followed by a man:
In the eyes of Catherine - tears.
Mihai, biting his lips:
The door closes.
Mihai pours himself a full glass of the unique 20-year-old cognac. Chugging.
Kate was crying.
Behind the door - quietly.
It takes about half an hour.
The door suddenly opened.
So Azeri, with a naked torso, thigh wrapped in a bath towel.
He sits down at the table.
He pours himself a glass of brandy, drank it.
He draws the parents a hard look and said:
-Money back.
-What??? Why??? In what sense? But we agreed!
-Your daughter is not a girl.
-How: How did it ???
-It's not my business. Sort it out themselves. For youngster -tselochku fifty pieces, taking into account the risk to sit down for a dozen years, the price is good. And for the ordinary girl and fifty thousand euro - utter price. Money back.
And throwing in the mouth round juicy grape:
Katherine rushes to the next room.
To his daughter.
A few minutes later there is going Mihai.
And everything is clear.
Yes, not a girl.
About a year ago, at the disco, in the ladies' room, in her cramped cubicle deflowered somebody. On behalf of Hoche. Or Misha. It seems. The room was noisy, the name of the child did not hear.
Who is he Gosh, Mike, where he lives and the girl, in fact, then the disco thought - the answer should not be.
But fact is fact.
Not the girl.
Father slapped in the hearts of not very intelligent child of a resounding slap.
Defending inexperienced, but sexually mature child, Catherine yells:
-Do not dare!
Mihai waving at them and leaves.
Mother and daughter embracing, roaring in two voices.
Approximately hour pause.
Parents and Azerbaijani again sit at the table.
Dura-teen, calmed down, splashing in the pool.
An Azerbaijani businessman, offers a way out of the situation:
-Or take two pieces - I still had time to stick your daughter, though not finished.
Of course, the two pieces of euro pussy your daughter is not necessary, but let: You never know.
So, in two pieces EUR you write a new signature. Forty-eight - return. Or:
All three of them - in a little bed. ASIC you all. In the queue! Mom, dad and daughter-whore! And all the money will stay with you. Solve.
For all Kate decided, mentally long ago I bought a house on the money in the Kaluga region. With a large veranda and garden.
She hurriedly shouted:
-We agree!
After a minute had sex.
First, the customer entered the member standing "cancer" Mama Katya:
Then - in standing next to her in the same pose dad Mihai. .
At the sight of this picture Aureliki eyes nearly jumped out of his head:
But explain to her about the peculiarities of marital sex her parents do not have time, the girl leaned on Azerbaijani!
And the move stuck drin between girls' legs:
Aurelika trembled:
-I am here, docha - it crawled naked mother:
-Get on it! - Ordered the man to Catherine.
Kate hastily rose, spread her legs, and sat down, covered the face of his daughter's crotch:
-Lick pussy mom! - Gruff voice was told the girl.
"Princess" timidly licked the outer labia of her that:
Katia, put his hand, spread them apart and offered a daughter language of the clitoris:
Girl, intuitively found the tubercle of pleasure on my mother's genitals and began to lick his concentration.
Kate groaned voluptuously
-Yes, dear, yes! Lick mommy! Lick! Good! Ah-ah-ah-ah!
-Class! - I admired east pervert, not stopping for a moment, continuing to drive into the erection of teenage girl's body!
Then, he grunted, subsided, rose slightly, lifted the girl back, spat on his finger:
The saliva left on the maiden anus:
And - sharply, strongly came into her anus!
Aurelika screamed! Right mother in the vagina:
-Yes! Ori Ori, my dear! M-th-th-th-th! What is your sweet ass! - He muttered, clasping girl's legs and pulling her back to him.
Fifty thousand euros moldavane- settlers practiced all night. It was everything.
Aurelika cum many times. With Father. With Mother. With the client.
In the mouth, the throat, in a youthful vagina, the anus:
Upon entering into the taste, the client called two guards and the child is not without curiosity watched the strange men fucked her mom in two trunks:
Then the same people in the same two trunk vyebli her father:
Half an hour later the same fate, and she fell to her:
In general, the money they have earned in full.
But that's not the whole story.
This is only the first part.
There is a second.
But much shorter.
One evening I went to Mihai.
With a bottle of vodka "Five Lakes" - my favorite.
Excellent vodka.
He told me the first part of its history.
But he came to me not for this.
He asked the council.
The fact that the very next day Azerbaijanis phoned him and invited him to a meeting. Without his wife.
Mihai went.
The conversation was short. Without restaurants. Right in the "Mercedes".
One hundred thousand euros.
For a son. For Kostadin.
Parents - the receipt they give her son voluntarily and that the responsibility - to them. Without mentioning the name and surname of the buyer.
Get money - the full amount at once and give her son.
Here Mihai subsided.
I waited in silence.
-You see, all this is terrible. Breaking the child lives: But, understand me. First, we just thought about and Aurica, but it turned out: And then. One hundred thousand. Three and a half million rubles. Yes, even those fifty - the house hidden lie. A lot of money. On them, we'll buy a house and a car, and Katya pulled out of this sauna: Let's go from here, from this garbage pit. To the village. Nice house buy. Farming loans. Rabbits were here for a long time want to breed. Very profitable. Aurica will help us, and Kostya did not remain idle. This is where a better than here: And most importantly, I Katya is about the proposal - about one hundred thousand is not said. Because she once heard the amount itself, bitch, son drag this scum! But I have not yet decided to accept or not. What do you advise me to do?
I shrugged my shoulders:
-I do not know:
Mihai poured himself a full glass of "Five Lakes", drank. Zanyuhanny crust of black cumin:
He paused and said:
-Live something once:
I got up and left.
I wonder what he meant?

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