Restlessness coupe. Part 3

- Like? - I asked the guy who turned his head sharply to the sound and instantly disappeared from sight, however, he realized that talking to him calmly, dared to look out again and silently nod your head. The girl, who has decided that my words refer to it, murmured something unintelligible, reaching languidly, like sour cream cat glut oneself. acceleration process was under way. I patted her on the head and another, turned his head to the guy and said:
- Well, then get down, - the lad did not have to beg. Sveta, hear my words and feel the movement of the compartment, spun from the belly to the back and tried to hide a sheet, but as I lay on it, as a result of the maneuver appeared before a neighbor descended into an even more appetizing as though she met his gaze hunted animal.
- What are you troubled? - I stroked Svetochka on the tummy and grabbed her arm, trying to cover everything at once - shy? So there is nothing to be ashamed of. You saw him, he saw you. It can be said already familiar. By the way, did you like him handsome?
- We? - It seems that my words the boy was confused more girls. It cheered her, though until complete relaxation was still far off. Now it was necessary to rid the boy of stupor:
- And you, tomboy, come closer. Of course, for the rape and corruption of minors insane you should be severely punished, but ... Well, if you carry yourself around and listen to their elders, can and deserve forgiveness from Svetochka, right, I'm talking about? - A girl, hardly understands what I ask, but realized that turning to her, shook her head, still staring at the young man.
The guy looked from my face to the overt charms Svetochka, then appetizing hips sleeping beauty, and could not enter the event. However, it is slightly moved to the window. Then I realized that the scent of Oleg hardly create an aura of intimacy in the compartment:
- Stop. For one thing. If you want to caress women and, more importantly, that they caress you, do not forget about hygiene. Towel in hand and the toilet. Wash off the sweat, and there do not forget to rinse. Properly. And run. We are waiting for you - from my last words the girl shivered, and the guy picked up a towel, Hurricane flew into the corridor. Light turned to face me and uttered only one word:
- What for?
- And you want him to go to wag your name in every corner? He told me that he saw your mother? - Baby's face darkened: - Do not worry, it looks like it - great guy, kind and gentle, appreciate female beauty. And it will wash, so also will be pleasant.
Sveta looked at me warily. I smiled:
- Do not worry, I'm not gay. But not jealous. If he is able to please you, I will also be good. I understand that you are shy. But if undertaken to overcome shyness, do not stop. Forget that you are a girl Light. Imagine that this night you - a priestess of love, free from prejudice and stupid sanctimonious moralizing old impotent. If you happen to know what life is, what love is, what is the passion, so plunge into the ocean with his head. It is not known when the next time you're lucky to relax and revel in full. That make so that the memories of that night did not leave you for many years.
To the accompaniment of the hymn of free love, I continued to caress and kiss the girl, with each new sound feeling the melt raising fears inspired by the chaste, and passion comes alive iridescent body. At the same time pulled out from under their little crumbs sprinkled with blood t-shirt, gently wiped her pussy and threw the victim clue to their shelf. Now you can proceed to the next stage of the game. I took her face in his hands, raised it to his lips, sweet, gentle kiss and said:
- Do you agree, my angel?
- Yes.
- Then do what I say and not what do not ask.
- Good.
- Say: "I am free".
- I am free.
- Say: "I want you."
- I want you.
- Say: "I want to fuck like a whore."
- I want to fuck like a whore.
- Say: "I - a whore."
- I - whore.
- Lie down on your side. Face the wall. Fold the legs. Move ass. Even further. Like this.
Girl almost happy to execute the command. I got off the bed and knelt down. Dawn had almost completely come into its own, and my eyes appeared a delightful picture - with two shelves in the pass two charming popochki were exhibited. In the hallway, he heard hurried footsteps, I stood up, slipped between the thighs, and turned toward the door, slightly bent, he puts his hands on damsels buttocks so that his fingers rested in the wet pussy folds. The door swung open, and stood on the threshold of Oleg.
- Welcome, handsome prince. Do not just stand there, come in, until the queue is formed, - kid on straight legs entered the compartment and closed the door behind him: - Are you ready to take the oath of the knight of white roses?
- Ready - with a slight hitch boy gasped.
- Excellent. Put your hands on the elegant charm of beautiful ladies - the boy blankly handed palm - Not as below. Get down on one knee. Good. Now repeat after me. By always love and respect women. Do not deny them affection. Never brag about your adventures. No one to talk about their women. I swear to be a man and a gentleman, always and everywhere.
Oleg repeated my speech word for word. At the same time we are four hands caressed our neighbors, sometimes touching fingers. I leaned over Sveta:
- Now it's your turn. Do you swear to never show off their adventures and not to tell anyone about their men?
- I swear - the girl was so good that she could swear to anything, because once the two men gently fingered fingers wet lips of her little cave while Oleg gestures I showed how to caress the bump and intimate holes crumbs.
- Well, Prince, you dedicate to the Knights of white roses. Rise. Can you remove his pants and drew his sword. Sveta, check the combat readiness of weapons of the new knight fine ladies.
I helped the girl to sit down. An innocent baby has unabashedly and signs of indecision with bleary eyes and slightly open mouth sluggish grabbed the boy's pants and pulled them down. Oleg swallowed and winced when his protruding blade caught on the gum, loudly and sharply released snapped Man in the stomach.
- Be careful, my darling, do not tear off his personal best caressed - Sveta one hand stroked beads hilt and the other embraced the sword itself. According to the thickness and curvature of the latter was more like a katana. It became clear why it is so easy to penetrate into the lair of a neighbor, without waking her. However, thinness and light curvature of the katana is no spoiled kid appeal, and only gave some originality and an extra erotic image of the ancient Greek athlete. I sat next to the crumb and leaned into her ear:
- Caress his blade claws, - the girl with pleasure executed command - drag them up and down. Good. Come and play his balls. No, softer. Poslyunyavil fingers. Touch the tip. Yes. Like this. Lightly touching. Smell fingers. Like? Kiss him. Do not look at me, and for him. Do not you want to kiss him? What do you mean, how? Sponge. Tenderer. Here. Tongue. Excellent. Mouth open wider. Hand clasp it. Does not pull so hard. Softer. And a little twists. Clever.
By controlling the process, at the same time I caressed her breasts, occasionally touching the rapidly hardening nipples, stroking his tummy, hips, legs. Parting them, I found that girls pussy downright juice flowed. Young knight also already held with difficulty, and then only with the recent orgasm. It is possible that my presence is slightly paralyzed him, although, judging by shortness of breath, too:
- Quiet, Olezhka, do not hurry. Let him go, princess, let breathe. So, take a breath. Relax. Lie down. Little, Give this man his shelf. Let lie down. We are in no hurry. What is the main task of the knight of white roses? Deliver fun lady, and then himself.
Muddy kid eyes slowly brightened, though too slowly. As I crept into question:
- Oleg, and you were a woman? Well: up to tonight?
Prince with regret shook his head, I believed him:
- No problem. Remember the main thing - if you feel that you could not stand to hold back, and the partner is not ready yet, distracted, think about something extraneous and not very pleasant, about any small problems. Take less comfortable position. Bend the knees, for example. Yes, like that. Ochuhalsya?
- Uh-huh.
- That umnichka. Svetik, kiss him, just until lie. Yes, right on his heels. No, I do not kiss on the cheek. On the lips. Do you know how. Show him the class.
I moved closer to the door and dropped the baby boys handle on the blade, then leaned forward, lifted her legs and put on his shoulders. Our group began to resemble acrobatic composition.
Hip girls were significantly higher than the shoulders. Kissing passionately with a beautiful boy, the second hand she caressed his heavily swollen mound. Oleg hugged Svetochka both hands and passionately stroking her back, occasionally touching popochki. I caressed language hospitably thrown open slit along the entire length from the connection labia minora places where sometimes touched girls' playful fingers until the second hole, still innocent. The fingers of my right hand got into still welcoming pussy whistle neighbor, and the left hand caressed the girl's chest, then your own plunger.
Kiss procedure captivated children so that slight tremor began in turn to shake their bodies. I straightened up, leaned back slightly and pulled sugar lips of the young beauty from the greedy mouth of Prince:
- Kiss his nipples, caressed them, - the girl clung to his chest razomlevshie tomboy. I fingers parted her lips and tongue slipped inside her cave. At first I felt a slight taste of blood, and I gently licked the remnants of the hymen, and the baby did not even flinched. It seems that all the unpleasant consequences of the entry into adult life left far behind.
I swung her legs from his shoulders, put his knees on the shelf, took the hand of the priest and moved to the window, it is not separated lips again merged in a passionate kiss. Continuing with his right hand to keep the girl's ass so that her wet silk was right under my fingers, I started a leg for Oleg crumbs so that his katana was exactly a hidden purpose:
- Well, doves, ready?
Druzhnoye reply bellowing could be taken as a sign of consent.
- Then do not twitch. To enter it is necessary to carefully - with these words, I took his left hand and Prince blade, extending his right, gently put him expiring lubricated pussy. Then his right hand on the ass babe replaced the left and slightly shook his girlish hips. Children correctly interpret the signal and began to move actively. My hand is left lying on the intimate folds of the crumbs, while the boy's tool penetrating into the coveted cave, slipped between my fingers, which increased the already not a weak excitation Oleg.
I'm also pretty wound up and have even started to attach your device to the appetizing cunt neighbor, when the prince made a few convulsive jerks and stopped. The girl froze, too, but it was clear at the hips slight vibration that the gentleman did not wait for her. I had to escape from a mature beauty, to lend a hand to the young charmer:
- Nothing, for the second time not bad. The first time I even fell asleep at once, but you at least kiss her keep - katana young men lost their harmony and slipped out of the womb is not completely satisfied:
- You know, Oleg, what is most valuable in group sex? - Even for a moment Dove broke apart: - If there is, you can always sachkanut.
Sveta snorted, and the boy was confused. I had to pull up slightly young hussy:
- You kiss him tighter, do not you see how much you like guys.
Persuade anyone not necessary - their lips have merged again. I lifted the girl's graceful figure, threw his leg, resting his elbow into the wall of the compartment, and spread rushing into battle blade gentle girlish lips. The scabbard was not only wet, but close - the size of my tool is still significantly superior to the diameter of the katana. But this is not to pose serious problems for Svetochka, on the contrary, it literally curl up with excitement as my leisurely forward.
Finally, my pubis, I ran into appetizing buttocks. the girl's right hand slipped between her legs and gently, but at the same time demanding and passionate stroked my balls. I immediately tore the roof and brakes. Game over. The next two or three minutes I looked like out-of-control jackhammer. The most amazing thing that almost became a woman the girl managed to answer me, without breaking the passionate kiss passionately a handsome prince.
All this ended with the rapid triple orgasm. I misspoke - it is triple, because katana Oleg had time for this time to rise up and discharged again, this time on his stomach. The cacophony of groans and roars during ejaculation sounded deafeningly even against the background clatter of wheels. A neighbor stopped whistling and rolled over. I collapsed on the children and buried his face in the pillow. We froze. Another minute passed, and whistling restored. Appetizing sirloin - the culprit of all the night's adventures - finally disappeared under the sheet.
I got off the baby and kid crushed a double burden, helped her up and smiled at the boy Svetochka:
- All that's enough for today, and now all rinse and sleep. Otherwise, tomorrow will be like boiled chicken.
At the last moment I was able to intercept Svetochka holding the door handle:
- Maybe nakinesh on anything? - Children burst out and quickly got dressed. I also pulled his pants and looked out into the corridor, dohnuvshy me predawn emptiness:
- So, the girl left, boys to the right. And quick.
Five minutes later we were lying on their shelves, and I finally fell asleep.
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